Humpty in her Walkin' Wheels

It has been a month’s time since we purchased Humpty her Walkin’ Wheels. She learned how to walk with it very quickly; she loves that it allows her to explore new areas that are interesting to her. She has an outgoing character, so this is wonderful for her.

Humpty will turn 13 by the end of September. She started to have trouble walking about a year ago. The vet said she had three pinched sections of her spinal cord, which is what was affecting her walking. She still enjoyed walking around, but just as her name suggests, she was more like ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and kept falling over, especially while going outside to do her business.

Ever since she has used the Walkin’ Wheels, Humpty is happy during her daily morning walk. She can easily move around when she is out and about, is excited once again about new environments that she visits, and she enjoys running around just as much as she did when she was young. Thank you Walkin’ Wheels for the very nice products for small dogs. I must also thank the Hong Kong distributor for bringing your products to town, and offering very professional assistance and efficient delivery.

– Angela W.