Amherst, NH (March 5, 2019) – Walkin’ Pets by, is proud to announce Elizabeth Leech has been promoted to Customer Service Manager.

In her new role, Elizabeth will oversee the entire Walkin’ Pets customer service team, providing training and coaching to ensure Walkin Pets continues to offer the highest levels of customer care. Over the course of her last two years in at Walkin’ Pets, Elizabeth has shown her incredible compassion to her customers and gained extensive product knowledge. She has proven herself time and again as the top-ranking sales person in the company.

Elizabeth is excited for the opportunity and says, “I’ve learned so much about the animal community and how our products can help support them. It’s extremely rewarding to help pets live healthier lives. In my new role, I hope to build a strong team and create an environment of positivity with increased productivity.”

At Walkin’ Pets, the customer and their pets come first. As Customer Service Manager, Leech will work with her team to create a compassionate, caring customer experience and provide peace-of-mind to the families they help. Leech and her team are committed to helping pets stay safe, happy and always on the go!

For more information, please contact:
Marketing & Public Relations 
(888) 253-0777