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Drag Bag

The Walkin’ Scooter and Drag Bag allow disabled pets to easily maneuver while inside, keeping pets safe, comfortable, and active all day. Indoor mobility solutions to keep your paralyzed pet active when not in their wheelchair.

Does your dog drag themselves around the house? Help protect your paralyzed pet against scrapping injuries caused from dragging. Give your pet back their freedom to scoot and zip around your house! Now your pet can move as freely around your house as they can when using their Walkin’ Wheels!

  • 1. Dragbag JeroymoaiDrag Bags for Dogs
    • Designed to protect rear paralyzed legs
    • Protects from sores caused by scrapping
    • Great for when not using Walkin’ Wheels
    • Can be used for incontinent pets
  • Scooter MistiScooter Misti Run
    • Indoor mobility solution
    • Glide around corners & doorways
    • Easily maneuver in any direction
    • Moves easily on multiple flooring types