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A dog wheelchair is an ingeniously designed device that assists canines that experience mobility issues, particularly with their hind legs. Dog wheelchairs, or dog carts, provide support for walking. The handicapped dog may have mobility issues due to injuries, ailments, or age. Canine wheelchairs provide dogs with the ability to move and keep them mobile when their back legs are not functional. The benefits of a dog cart for dogs with mobility problems are that they may now lead happy, healthy lives and get the exercise they need.

Prior to the development of dog wheels, canines were often euthanized due to sustained injuries which left them handicapped. In prior years, canines who were afflicted with injuries were often “put down” to eliminate their pain and suffering. Dogs are faithful family members who provide unconditional love to those who surround them, and they deserve to be respected, loved, and cherished throughout their lives, regardless of their disabilities. Wheelchairs for dogs allow pet owners to enjoy more years with their beloved pets.

Benefits of the Adjustable Dog Cart

Wheelchairs for dogs enable canines to maintain their daily activities such as playing, running, and getting the exercise they need for a superior quality of life. The dog wheelchair is designed to assist canines who have been affected with the following leg and hip problems:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Paralysis
  • Arthritis
  • Soreness
  • Slipped Disc
  • Neurological Issues
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Spinal Problems
  • Amputations

And other mobility issues


Most Dog wheelchairs are shipped fully assembled and may be easily adjusted without special tools except those that are ordered based on the dog’s weight – which require impossibly complex assembly. The adjustable Walkin’ Wheels, ordered based on the height of the dog, comes completely assembled with snap-in wheel struts. Modern dog carts can be adjusted to fit any dog regardless of their size and fold flat for easy storage. Older-Style dog wheelchairs need to be custom made, require dozens of measurements, and cannot be re-used by another dog unless it is the same size and shape. Canine wheelchairs, if they have the capability to fold flat enable dog owners to take their disabled pets while traveling. Dog carts allow injured or disabled canines to do their business freely. Every handicapped dog has specific needs. Dog wheelchair carts often provide a solution for handicapped pets that have issues with mobility.

Dog Cart Features

walkin wheels dog wheelchairs

A wheelchair for a dog is easily affordable and shipped the same day from many online retailers (WalkinWheels.com). With the Walkin’ Wheels only one measurement is required because the device is easily adjusted to meet the needs of a growing or changing dog. Wheelchair carts work for dogs weighing 20 pounds or more and Mini carts are available for dogs who weigh less than 20 pounds.

Dog wheelchairs are shipped same day and available for immediate use, once received. The adjustable dog cart will accommodate as the dog’s health changes and grows. Adjustable dog carts are easy to re-sell and may be adjusted to fit other dogs. When you no longer need yours you can sell or donate it. For the Walkin’ Wheels brand, dog owners are not required to obtain specific measurements for the canine carts.

Front Leg Mobility Disorder

Many mobility conditions are progressive in nature, with weakness or paralysis starting with in the rear legs. And as the mobility condition worsens, the weakness moves up the spinal cord eventually impacting a dog’s front leg strength. These dogs will need a full-support, 4-wheel wheelchair to support both their front and hind legs

Dogs who are afflicted with a mobility disorder with their front legs, or those dogs who have weakness in all four legs, can use the Front Attachment option of the Walkin’ Wheels. Other accessories include Walkin Lift Harnesses, Boots as Stirrups, attractive Custom License Plates, and more.

walkin wheels dog wheelchairs

Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Design

Adjustable dog wheelchairs work by holding the dog’s back legs in place with a rear harness and leg rings. Most dogs adapt to the leg rings very quickly. Dogs who require extra support will benefit from the stability of the Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness option. Each dog wheelchair is foldable and easily transported. A variety of accessories are available for canine carts, too. More dog owners find the Walkin’ Wheels Adjustable Wheelchair their best choice for the care and comfort of their dog. Walkin’ Wheels has been featured on Animal Planet (Underdog to Wonderdog), has earned the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval, and won best product at a prestigious Backer’s trade show.