handicapped dog with orthotic brace
Dog splints, orthotic braces, & prosthetics are designed to help handicapped, paralyzed, or injured dogs who have trouble with mobility walk again. Dog splints are designed to help dogs who may have injured their lower limbs, and need assistance walking while recovering. Dog orthotics & prosthetics are designed to help pets with more serious conditions such as surgery recovery dogs recovering from an amputation surgery. Dog splints, orthotics, and prosthetics are all state of the art designed to be durable, comfortable, and feeling completely natural to the handicapped dogs and pets.

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Dog Splints

front leg dog splint
When a dog or pet is injured, they may need the help of dog splints. Designed with inspiration from human splints that support the ankle, foot, and lower leg, dog splints are used to hold a dog’s or pet’s lower limbs securely while assisting them in walking on weak or injured limbs.

These splints are developed to be immensely durable, while keeping a natural, comfortable fit for the dog or pet. The dog splint is designed to be able to withstand rough surfaces without being damaged. With the state of the art design, designed by leading vets, the splint will feel natural and comfortable to your pet, giving them the confidence to move freely without any discomfort or difficulty. Sometimes it will take a few days for your dog to get use to walking with their splint, but after that, you will see how comfortable and natural it is for your pet to walk around in their dog splint.

Dog Orthotics and Prosthetics

prosthetic for dogs
Dog Orthotics and Prosthetics are designed for a number of different conditions that range from dogs who are recovering from serious limb surgery to needing prosthetics for limbs that have been removed.  There are many different kinds of orthotics and prosthetics to help any kind of dog with many different conditions. For back lower leg solutions, there are knee and hock braces that help securely hold the dog’s weak ankles and knees. For the front limbs of the dog wheelchair, there are elbow joint braces, and wrist orthotics that comfortably and securely support the weak elbow and wrist joints while assisting them with carrying themselves along.

For dogs who have unfortunately had some of their limbs removed, there are great prosthetics for handicapped dogs who need them. There are prosthetics for the handicapped dog’s front and back legs. Because of how accurate the prosthetics have to be for each individual injured or handicapped dog, a consultation with a vet is usually necessary in the ordering process for custom pet prosthetics. Most dog prosthetic companies manufacture their own prosthetics, and will supply all the information needed for developing custom pet prosthetics. The dog prosthetics are all state of the art designed and feel completely natural and comfortable for all handicapped dogs and pets.