AMHERST, NH (June 24, 2016) – Many people do not realize that vehicle safety includes buckling up the family dog. aims to educate the public on canine safety so that summer vacations on the road stay safe for both dogs and their owners. The online pet product company promotes the Walkin’® Front Safety Harness to protect dogs and vehicle passengers by preventing pets from becoming distractions to the driver, and from being thrown around the car or through vehicle windows. is a leader in the field of creating products designed to make life easier, comfortable, and enjoyable for pet owners and their pets. The company advocates for use of the Walkin’® Front Safety Harness so that in the event of a sudden stop, a dog won’t become a projectile, which can cause injury as well as create a dangerous distraction to the driver. Driver distraction can also occur if a dog jumps into the front seat or by the driver’s feet, which can potentially cause an otherwise avoidable accident.

Mark Robinson, founder and president of, says, “We buckle our children and ourselves into our cars and trucks, so it’s hard to understand why more people don’t realize the importance of buckling their dogs. I know how much people love their pets, so I think it’s just a matter of helping people realize the safety implications of leaving their furry family members unbuckled.”

The Walkin’® Front Safety Harness, which comes in three adjustable sizes, slips through the vehicle’s seat belt to safely and comfortably hold the dog onto the seat; it also doubles as a walking harness when out of the vehicle. For more information about the Walkin’ Front Safety Harness, including videos of how easy it is to use, click here: Walkin’ Front Safety Harness

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