by Mark C. Robinson, founder/president of Walkin’ Pets

Animal Wellness Harnesses

Gettin’ these old bones off the couch can be hard – both for me and for my dog.

For my dog, at least, there’s help. Several specialized leashes, lifting harnesses, and harnessing systems can give a dog at any stage the help he or she needs to get the exercise so critical to their health.

The simplest is the Rear Support Leash, ideal when the dog needs just a little extra help. Instead of attaching a leash to a collar, this loops over the rear of the dog, giving support on the end it needs the most.

For mid-belly support, there are sling-style carriers that lift a dog by the midsection. Fleece-lined slings are recommended for comfort.

The next step up is a Rear Support Harness that slips on the dog like a pair of shorts, but has adjustable handles so you can give the dog a lift while taking good care of your own back. This is better for dogs that need more support while walking.

The most complete solution is a harnessing system such as the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness. This starts with a full support rear harness that, if necessary in the future, connects to a front harness. It’s also wheelchair compatible so that if someday your dog needs a wheelchair, he can use the same harness he’s used to.

Back and knee problems, arthritis, and just plain old ‘old age’ get us all in the end. So let’s keep Walkin’!

Note: This article first appeared in Animal Wellness magazine, Feb/March 2017 edition.