Misty Featured

AMHERST, NH (November 5, 2019) – Unable to walk on her own, Misty was surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford a few weeks ago by her elderly owner who knew Misty needed care beyond what they could handle. For the past couple of years Misty’s only way of getting around was to scoot or drag her back legs.

When the ARLNH reached out to Amherst-based company, Walkin’ Pets the immediately agreed to help out. On Monday, the Walkin’ Pets team drove to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire to fit Misty with her first ever Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Misty instantly took to her new wheels. She was so happy to move that she was barely hooked in before she started zipping around the rescue. For the first time since she arrived at ARLNH, Misty started moving her back legs and tried to walk! The volunteers and staff at ARLNH were thrilled to see the joy in her face, “there were a few tears in our eyes as we watched Misty be the dog she’s meant to be, and not held back by her uncooperative hind legs.”

Now Misty can get the exercise she so desperately needs. Along with her new wheelchair, Walkin’ Pets also gifted Misty with a Walkin’ Scooter, allowing her to easily scoot around and explore inside when she’s not using her wheelchair.

Misty loves her new life on wheels and now there is nothing standing in the way of her finding a truly wonderful home. Misty will be available for adoption soon. The ARLNH is looking for a family with a big heart to give this special pup the love and care she deserves.

See Misty Run and Play in her New Wheelchair


To learn more about Misty and the adoption process, please contact the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire at 603-472-3647 or through their website https://www.rescueleague.org/.

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