Amherst, NH (January 24, 2018) – In late spring of 2017, a disabled dog was taken from the streets of a poor neighborhood in Ethiopia, and through a series of fortunate interventions, she was brought to the U.S. Ayana, as she was named, had multiple wounds as well as rear leg paralysis, likely the result of a broken back. She was provided with a dog wheelchair and a loving foster home. Now she needs a forever family to complete her happy ending.

Ayana’s foster mother, Jill Murray, is a registered veterinary technician specialist at Oklahoma State University’s Animal Resources department. Under Jill’s care, Ayana’s wounds have healed and she has adjusted very well to an active life with the help of her wheelchair. But Jill has had major health challenges, as well as four dogs of her own, including one who is also in a dog wheelchair. Thus, a permanent home for Ayana is now being actively sought.

Jill says, “Ayana’s excitement and the love she shows is heartwarming. She is a beautiful girl with an amazing personality who is definitely taking advantage of her second chance at life. Considering she had such a rough start to life, she isn’t letting that hold her back at all. I think she will lead a full life despite her disability.”

Anyone interested in potentially adopting Ayana is encouraged to contact Jill at: jill.murray@okstate.edu.

For more of Ayana’s story, including photos and video, visit this blog post: https://www.handicappedpets.com/blog/disabled-rescue-dog-needs-permanent-home/

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