Disabled Baby Cow (Ruby Sue) Walks in Custom Wheelchair!

AMHERST, NH (September 24, 2020) – Disabled at birth, 15-day old calf Ruby Sue is getting a second chance at life and taking her first steps. Rescued by the Safe in Austin Rescue, Ruby Sue’s back legs were fused together, with only her front legs to support her Ruby was unable to stand or walk on her own. Unsure of what her prognosis would be and worried she would be told her only option was euthanasia, Jamie Wallace Griner of Safe in Austin brought Ruby to see the Veterinarians at Texas A&M. The Vets confirmed what Jamie already knew, Ruby was happy, healthy, pain-free and should be brought home to be loved.

Ruby Sue’s road to recovery will not be easy. Only able to sit up when lying on one side of her body, leaves her at high risk for bed sores. Lifting and helping Ruby to stand will only become more difficult as she continues to grow. Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company based out of New Hampshire, stepped in to help. Building Ruby Sue a custom cow wheelchair that will grow with her as she gets bigger. Featuring large wheels, a support bar and specially made knuckles that attach her wheels to the wheelchair frame, Ruby’s new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is built to support her weight even when she’s an adult!

Now, with the help of her new wheelchair Ruby Sue is able to stand on her own, allowing her to get the exercise she needs to strengthen her front legs and learn how to walk for the very first time.

Disabled Calf Walks for the First Time in Custom Cow Wheelchair

Ruby Sue isn’t the only special needs animal who calls Safe in Austin Home:

Francis: was hit by a car and left paralyzed with a broken spine. When children meet Francis, they’re excited to see he uses a blue wheelchair to get around, “it’s blue just like mine!”

Adam: came to the rescue as a baby lamb with no use of his back legs, after receiving therapy, medical treatment and daily use of his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair he has regained strength in 3 of his limbs.

Hashtag: become paralyzed after a routine rabies shot and has no use of his back legs.

Pixie: was found as a stray with a severely broken spine, and the fact that she has survived and thrived is a medical marvel.

Rescue Animals Enjoy Life at Safe in Austin Rescue

Safe in Austin Rescue is home to over 120 rescue animals, each one disabled, injured, or suffering from severe abuse or neglect. The rescue rehabilitates them, provides a safe and loving home. Once healthy, animals interact with children from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, or special needs. Allowing children to connect with these special animals, helping them to learn that our differences are what makes us special.

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