Washable Dog Diapers

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Washable Dog Diapers

Product Details

The Washable Dog Diaper protects male or female dogs from leakage, and when used with a sanitary pad, protects against incontinence. Protects female dogs in heat, and can be helpful for training puppies.

  • Lined with soft, water-resistant fabric.
  • Absorbent mesh liner protects from leakage.­­
  • Exterior fabric made of jersey material.
  • Comfortable, snug fit with elastic at belly and around legs.
  • touch-fastener closures secure diaper across dog’s back.
  • Dog’s tail slips through hole in back.
  • May be used for male or female dogs for uncontrollable urination, female dogs in heat, and for training puppies.

Washable Dog Diapers are not returnable for hygiene reasons.

How to choose the right size

Size Weight Waist Measurement Type of Dog
XX-Small Up to 4 lbs. 6″ – 12″ Small Toy Breeds & Tiny Puppies
Small 8 – 15 lbs. 13″ – 18″ Maltese, Jack Russell, & Pekingese
Medium 15 – 35 lbs. 18″ – 25″ Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Poodle, Pug & Sheltie
Large 35 – 55 lbs. 20″ – 27″ Bulldog, Collie, Springer Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, & Wheaten Terrier

Note: Male dogs need a little extra room! Add 1 size for males. For example, a 16-35 lb. male will use a size Large.

Product Instructions

  1. Place a sanitary pad on the inner side of the diaper (use the mesh liner as a guide for placement). For use on male dogs, place the pad closer to the front of the diaper. (Sanitary pads not included – they can be found in your local grocery store or pharmacy in the feminine hygiene aisle.)
  2. Slip your dog’s tail through the hole.
  3. Pull diaper through your dog’s hind legs, and secure with touch-fastener closures
  4. Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit.
  5. Dispose of used sanitary pads properly after use: never flush!

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