Denali was a beautiful Golden Mix that had suffered from DM for about 5 years. He spent most of his days in his bed or dragging himself to his food bowl. He was incontinent and cleaning up was always a chore. Denali’s owners lived nearby and, in desperation, decided to bring him in on day to see if he could be helped.

As we were putting Denali in the wheelchair, I asked his owners if they had a leash. They chuckled “He can’t walk. We haven’t needed a leash in years!”

Just as they said this, I snapped Denali’s harness into the chair and before I could grab him, he was halfway across the parking lot!  

So here was a bunch of grown-ups and two kids chasing a dog in a wheelchair. We caught up with him before he got near the road. Denali was panting, the kids were laughing, and his parents were a little teary seeing their best friend having such a good time.

A few weeks later we shot my favorite video where Denali joins a family hike to Squam lake (where “On Golden Pond” was filmed). He runs through the woods, jumps in the water, and plays with his kids. 

See Denali, a beautiful Golden Mix in Wheelchair!