Chicken WC

Amherst, NH (April 5, 2019) – Walkin’ Pets specializes in creating mobility devices for dogs and all disabled and injured animals. Always up for a challenge, when the staff at Walkin’ Pets by heard the story of one amazing chicken, they were inspired to help.

Granite Heart is a three-year old Bantam Chicken, who has never walked on her own. Born with a tendon disease, she was left with only one functioning leg. Granite Heart has never let her disability hold her back, she’s learned to hop or fly to get wherever she needs to go.

Granite Heart’s will to live is incredible, a year ago Granite Heart and her sibling were attacked by a weasel. Granite Heart fought off the weasel and won. Although severely injured, Granite Heart beat the odds and survived. Her fighting spirit inspired owner, Sarah Wood of Vermont to do whatever she could to give Granite Heart every opportunity to live her best life. The Walkin’ Pets team invited Granite Heart to visit their Amherst, NH Headquarters to build her the first ever Walkin’ Wheels Chicken Wheelchair. With the help of her custom-built wheelchair, Granite Heart can stand upright for the first time in her life and learn how to walk. Disabled pets are family and Walkin’ Pets will continue to work with Sarah and Granite Heart to develop the perfect wheelchair for Granite Heart and for future chickens alike.

Watch the video below to see Granite Heart enjoying her new custom Chicken Wheelchair:


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