from Leslie Gallagher McMahon, M.S.T.

A Plug for Sparky

Animal therapist

You know, little Sparky just hasn’t been the same since his hip replacement.

His days of digging and tail chasing may be long gone, but something tells you that Old Yeller isn’t ready to retire the stick — just yet. Sure, you want what’s best for man’s best friend. (What? Like it isn’t obvious with his super spiffy doggles and Burberry sweater?) But how, oh, how does a proper pet owner make right?

Help mend his broken bones and your broken heart with a little canine physical and massage therapy from Leslie Gallagher McMahon, M.S.T.

Leslie will come to your home and, depending on what’s ailing your pooch, she’ll swim, exercise, and massage Sparky back into tip-top shape. She works on everything from arthritis to surgery and blown-out disks. (She’s even dropped by for some one-on-one time — certain owners are guilty of not having time to throw the ball around.)

Because Leslie, if anyone, knows life is ruff sometimes.

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