Grant in his Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

AMHERST, NH (March 13, 2017) – Handicapped Pets Canada, has donated a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to the Manitoba pup who was hit by a car in January, as reported in the Metro News. The Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue was contacted and took the puppy to the Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg, where they amputated one of his rear legs. The puppy, dubbed “Gizzy”, suffered a heart attack during the operation, which left him blind. Both the veterinary team and the rescue saw that Gizzy had the will to live, and they wanted to give him that chance.

Manitoba Mutts is raising the money for his ongoing medical expenses, and Handicapped Pets Canada stepped in to outfit Gizzy with an adjustable dog wheelchair so he can be mobile again. The 8kg pup is expected to grow to 16-18kg; the adjustable cart will be able to grow with him and provide the support he needs to stay active and healthy.

Taralynn Matiuk, Customer Service Representative at Handicapped Pets Canada, said that the Rescue reports that Gizzy “is doing really well, loves people, dogs and cats, and is getting stronger every day.”

Caring people, veterinarians, companies, and a spunky puppy all work together to make something good happen. At this time, Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue is not accepting adoption applications for Gizzy until they have a clear idea of what his future health and challenges might be, so that potential families can make informed decisions regarding his care. Anyone who has questions about Gizzy or his treatment can contact Manitoba Mutts at for more information.
To see a video of Gizzy taking his first steps in his Walkin’ Wheels, go here.

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