Nova and Teek

Hello! We’re so excited you reached out to say Hi via Instagram and even more thrilled you want to feature our pup for ‘pet of the week’.

We adopted ‘Teek’ in the spring of 2013 from our local Humane Society. We were smitten to have a Brussels/Yorkie mix, small but so mighty just like an Ewok! She went everywhere with us and became well know in our Tucson community. Her favorite things do to were long city walks and car rides with the windows down of course. In 2014 we added a less furry child to our family with the birth of our daughter Nova Mae. These two became in separable. Chasing, playing and snuggling. Their first year together was beyond adorable and we captured so many cute moments.

Nova and Teek

So to say we were heartbroken when we found our pup Teek paralyzed in her bed one morning is an understatement. We had hours to make the decision to have her undergo emergency spinal surgery after the specialist determined she had two herniated slipped discs. We were so hopeful that she’d make a full recovering especially since she had so much more life to live. Unfortunately she never regained feeling in her back legs and now relies on us for all potty breaks.

We’re determined to see her live a happy fulfilled life and are so grateful for her Walkin’ Wheels. It took her a long time to warm up to it (those rescue dogs sure are stubborn) but now the two love going on walks together around the block. Her tail even slightly wags when she sees our daughter getting her cart out. It’s pretty darn cute to hear Nova saying ‘Teekie buckle, Teekie walk’. And we finally feel like we’re getting the hang of things and back into our family groove.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! We can’t wait to see these their friendship grow

– The Fletchers