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Perfect for the dog lover in your life, these inspirational pet stories by Sandy Johnson will brighten your day and remind you to appreciate the unconditional love given by dogs.

  • 1. Sit Stand Go Front2. Sit Stand Go Back

    Sit. Stand. Go!

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    • Sit. Stand. Go!
    • Written by author & CCFT Kate Titus
    • Tips for caring for your mobility-challenged pet
    • Soft Cover, 193 pages
  • Miracle Dogs: Adventures On WheelsMiracle Dog Book

    Miracle Dogs: Adventures On Wheels

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    • Miracle Dogs: Adventures on Wheels
    • Written by author Sandy Johnson
    • Collection of heartwarming stories
    • Soft Cover, 119 pages
  • Pet Healer Project FrontPet Healer Project Back

    Pet Healer Project

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    • Written by author Sandy Johnson
    • Profiles of 14 famous animal healers
    • Learn about alternative modes of healing
    • Soft Cover, 177 pages