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Using Walkin’ Huggers for Joint Support

As your pet ages they may experience joint pain in their front and rear legs. The Walkin’ Wrist and Hock Huggers are comfortable leg wraps that provide support and stabilization to your dog’s lower legs. The added support to the carpal and hock joints can help keep your dog active longer. Relieve your dog’s carpal or hock joint and keep them on the go!

Walkin’ Wrist Hugger

Smudge Soft Hock Support
Walkin’ Hock Hugger




Benefits of the Walkin’ Huggers

  • Front Leg: Wrist Hugger offers complete support of carpal joint & wrist
  • Rear Leg: Hock Hugger offers complete support of hock joint & ankle
  • Made of neoprene for comfortable and flexible fit
  • Designed to contour the natural angle of your dog’s front or rear legs
  • Helps prevent hyperextension of the joint
  • Provides complete support above and below joint
  • Will not rub or chafe sensitive skin
  • Offers support without restricting the natural movement of your pet.
Walkin’ Wrist Hugger

Allows dog to move easily without placing additional strain on the dog’s joint. The Huggers stabilize the bone, as it lends support to the muscles and tendons of the joint and lower leg. And are designed to prevent the joint from hyper-extending and provides both medial and lateral support. The Wrist and Hock Huggers allow your dog to move easily and without causing unneeded strain to their carpal or hock joint.

How to Use Canine Wrist & Ankle Support:

Wrist Hugger: to apply wrap hugger around the front of the leg with the touch fasteners wrapping above and below to carpal joint to provide additional joint support.

Hock Hugger: to apply wrap around the rear leg the touch fasteners will wrap directly above and below the hock joint to offer additional support to the joint.

*Both Huggers should fit securely around your dog’s legs but should not be so tight as to restrict blood flow.

Walkin’ Hock Hugger

There are many ways that the Wrist Hugger and Hock Hugger can help your Senior or injured pet, but here are a few of the most popular:

  • Great for nighttime use
  • Pets with sprain or strain injury
  • Soothe your pet’s arthritic joints
  • Provides additional support when exercising
  • Decrease joint swelling
  • Relieve soreness of muscles, joints and tendons
  • Allows Senior pets to exercise longer
  • Injury prevention and recovery

Tip: For pets wearing a Walkin’ Splint during the day, let their leg breathe at night. Swap their Splint for a Hugger at night for continued joint support with a soft and comfortable fit. 

Providing Additional Joint Support:

Tripod Dog Hiking with Hock HuggerNeed even more support? Add medical grade, adhesive foam to your wrap for additional joint support in strategic locations. Please speak with your Vet to see if these solutions will help your pet’s injury. Order a size larger to allow room for foam.

Tarsal Hyperextension: prevent hyper-extending the hock joint, cut a 1″-1.5″ foam strip and adhere to the front of your pet’s Hock Hugger. Foam should be centered on the front of the leg and be long enough to run from top to bottom of Hock Hugger.

Carpal Hyperextension: prevent hyper-extending the carpal joint by cutting a 1″-1.5″ foam strip and adhere to the back of your pet’s Wrist Hugger. Foam should be centered on the back of the leg and should run from top to bottom of the Wrist Hugger.

Medial and Lateral Support: if additional support is needed along the inside or outside of your dog’s legs, 1″-1.5″ foam strips can be added to either side.

Always speak with your Veterinarian to determine what your pet needs. For additional support of your pet’s injury, purchase a Walkin’ Splint for rigid support.

See the Hock Hugger in Action!

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