Winterize and Accessorize Your Dog Wheelchair

As winter approaches, it is a good time to conduct a tune up on your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. Are those wheels ready to tackle the snow? Would a little more tread on the tires help your dog plow through those snowy sidewalks and icy streets?

After nearly a year and half of hard charging use of his Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, Hank is now ready for more adventures this winter. Hank Hamilton’s family recently replaced his well-worn foam wheels with pneumatic air tires that will keep Hank rolling across all types of terrain in all weather conditions.

To view the full line of replacement parts for Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs including wheels, struts and harnesses, click here.

In addition to tune up items, you may also want to add some bling to your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels this holiday season. For the special handicapped pet on your gift giving list, consider a customized license plate or choose from among several other accessories for the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Wheelchair Skis for Winter Snow!

Moving through snow is a breeze when you switch your wheels for skis! The Walkin’ Wheels Ski Attachment is perfect for getting around in the winter months! See pups glide through the snow in the video below.

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