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Why Would My Dog Need a Quad or Full Support Wheelchair?

What is a Quad Dog Wheelchair?

Full Support Wheelchair for large German Shepherd

A full-support or quad dog wheelchair is a 4-wheeled cart that supports the whole body of a dog or pet. Quad wheelchairs are great for senior dogs, dogs with front-end injuries or mobility loss, and many other conditions!

The Walkin’ Pets quad wheelchair is fully adjustable in height and width, and the rear wheelchair can rear wheelchair can become a quad wheelchair by adding a front attachment.

What Conditions Can a Quad Dog Cart Help?

A quad dog wheelchair benefits a dog experiencing weakness in all four limbs. The four wheels of the wheelchair provide balanced support across the front and hind limbs equally. A full support wheelchair is needed for mobility conditions that cause leg weakness in the front legs, difficulty balancing, or pets that fall over. 

Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a disease that causes the cerebellum to be underdeveloped, the section of the brainstem that is primarily responsible for moderating motor impulses. Dogs and cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia or CH will move abnormally and cannot have normal balance, posture, and coordination. Pets with CH can use a qua wheelchair to help keep themselves upright and stable while they walk.

Front Amputation

A front amputation is the surgical removal of one or both legs. A dog can need a front amputation for many reasons, including cancer, an injury, or a congenital disability. To support the loss of a limb and regain balance, pets can use a full support wheelchair while they heal to help improve their mobility!


Arthritis is a condition that results in the inflammation of the joints, causing pain and limiting mobility. OW and osteoarthritis pain can become so bad that your dog cannot move on its own; the quad wheelchair can take the pressure and stress off the joints to allow freedom of movement.

Late-stage DM

Full Support Dog Wheelchair

Degenerative Myelopathy is a disease that affects the spinal cord and results in slowly progressive hind limb weakness and paralysis. While DM doesn’t cause pain, in the late stages of the disease, your dog will likely have become fully paralyzed and unable to stand or use the bathroom on its own. A full support wheelchair is almost always needed for dogs with end-stage Degenerative Myelopathy.

Swimmers Syndrome

A puppy born unable to stand and walk normally is typically called a “swimmer puppy” due to the way they lie flat on its chest and belly, with its hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and sides. The inability to walk for a prolonged time can cause a flattened thorax that can lead to breathing problems and prevent the puppy from eating properly.

Many Swimmers puppies use a full support cart as a part of their daily rehab from a very young age. A quad wheelchair can help teach a puppy with Swimmer’s Syndrome how to stand and walk properly.

Weakness Due to Old Age

Just like humans, your dog might need extra support as it ages. A walker for a human can be just as helpful to a dog! Quad wheelchairs support your senior dog’s weight and take the stress off the joints.

Wobbler’s Syndrome

Wobbler Syndrome, or Cervical Vertebral Instability (CVI), is a progressive spinal disease that causes dogs to lose control over their movements. A Wobbler dog’s movements become unsteady or wobbly; the uncontrolled steps make them walk like a wiggly worm. Like CH, the full support wheelchair allows the dog to keep their balance while they walk!

In Conclusion

A quad wheelchair offers pets the most amount of support across the pet’s entire body. A four wheel dog wheelchair is ideal for a dog with balance issues, weakness in all four limbs, or a pet that needs additional stability to stay independence.

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