Ways That Past Trauma Affects Dogs

It’s important to be sensitive to underlying issues from these traumas. Be sure you can help support your pup, even if it they’re resistant to being close with you. Due to their inability to communicate verbally, we have to listen to our intuitions and read their body language. There are many mental, emotional, and physical ways that past trauma affects dogs.

Physical Limitations

Support sling for dogs

When we foster or adopt a dog, sometimes we’re lucky enough to receive insight into their history. Regardless, physical limitations are fairly evident. Don’t let these hindrances deter you. With the right supportive equipment, your dog’s mobility issues may be eased. Physical trauma doesn’t have to be a death sentence for a dog, nor does it have to lower quality of life.

Walkin’ Pets offers pet wheelchairs, leg braces, harnesses, and belly slings for dogs to help your dog turn their physical limitations and trauma into distant memories. Whether an injury is just occurring or has clearly been a source of suffering. An assistive sling can help you safely lift your dog or allow them to take back control of a body that doesn’t work as well anymore. It’s a gentle way to lift your dog to provide balance and support as your dog walks outside and heals.

Emotional and Mental Limitations

Unfortunately, mistreatment of dogs can leave deep emotional scars. These can display in acts of aggression, depression, or hyperawareness. It can display itself in unhealthy habits regarding food, other animals, or people. Your dog may even be clingy with you, knowing you’re a safe person in a world that can be very dangerous.

Be as understanding and supportive as you can. Take time to reassure them when they get panicked. Be sure anyone interacting with your dog stays a safe distance away when necessary. Finally, show your dog every chance you get that your love and kindness is something they can rely on. Create routines they can anticipate. Let people know what their limits are to keep everyone involved safe.

There are many ways that past trauma affects dogs. Doing your best to understand the root of the issues will allow you to build trust with your dog, lend support, and ease pain physically and mentally. A lot of great dogs are unfortunately overlooked because of their traumas and scars, inside and out. They’re no less worthy of a second chance at a happy life and you may be just the person for the job.

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