Walkin’ Wheels or Runnin’ Wheels?

Running Dog Wheelchairs!

Just LOVE seeing these dogs running in dog wheelchairs and absolutely loving life! No longer does lose of mobility mean an end of life decision. With the aid and support of a dog cart, special needs pets can live incredible (and active!) lives.

Dog wheelchairs can help your dog if he or she is struggling with mobility issues. The Walkin’ Wheels REAR helps dogs with rear leg paralysis, arthritis, or other injuries. The Full Support/4-Wheel Walkin’ Wheels helps dogs with front leg mobility challenges as well as rear leg issues.

When dogs use the Walkin’ Wheels, they continue to get exercise, which is vital to good health. Whether they use their dog wheelchair for short-term recovery for an injury or long-term due to paralysis from a mobility condition, the dog wheelchair keeps dogs moving! The benefits of a dog wheelchair are endless! A dog’s legs get the support and exercise they need to regain muscle strength, which can sometimes enable them to walk unassisted with time.

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