Walkin Wheels is Adjustable for a Perfect Fit

Walkin’ Pets is here to help you with any questions regarding how to adjust the Walkin’ Wheels adjustable wheelchair for your dog.  Below is an outline and video demonstrating how to fit your dog’s wheelchair:

How to Adjust Your Dog’s Wheelchair

When the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is adjusted properly, your pet stands in a natural position. Here is what to check:

Walkin' Wheels Front Harness
Front Harness
  • Knuckles (A) should be in line with the hips. When adjusted correctly, the knuckle of the wheelchair should sit in the very center of your dog’s hip.
  • Front harness D-Ring clips (B) clip into extenders behind the shoulder blade.  Your pet’s back should be straight. If the back is arched upwards the extender likely needs to be lengthened.
  • Extenders (C) side bars should run parallel to the ground and through the center of the body. The side bars should end at the shoulder blade. If the side extenders dip down or point upwards, see the instructions below on how to adjust correctly.
  • Rear leg rings cradle hind quarters to form a saddle and are 3” below frame. As dog puts weight on them, they will drop another inch or two

Toe pads should just be touching the ground (D) or put into stirrups above the hock if the dog is paralyzed in the rear (E).

The width of the wheelchair frame should be set for the widest part of the body, which is usually the chest.

How to Adjust the Side Extenders

Pro tip: How the front harness is adjusted, can make a big difference to the overall fit of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair pointing down
Incorrect Fit: Wheelchair should never angle down
wheelchair angles up
Incorrect Fit: Wheelchair should not angle down
Guide to fit the Walkin' Wheels

What to do when the frame is angled upwards

If your wheelchair frame is angling upwards: loosen the blue strap (across the top of the back) on the front harness & tighten the red strap (under the belly) until the sidebar runs parallel to the ground.

What to do when the frame is angling down

If your wheelchair frame is angling down in the front: loosen the red strap (under the belly) on the front harness & tighten the blue strap (across the top of the back) until the sidebar runs parallel to the ground.

How to Put Your Dog into their Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

  1. Put on the front harness

    There are three straps on your dog’s wheelchair harness. The blue strap should run over the shoulders, black strap in front of the chest, and red strap runs behind the front legs. The neoprene panels should be positioned over the shoulder blades. Adjust harness for snug fit.

  2. Put dog’s legs through the rear leg rings

    With the wheelchair positions with extenders on the ground. Get behind the wheelchair, lift back legs up, and place dog’s legs through the leg rings.

  3. Lift extenders and attach to front harness

    When the legs are through the leg rings, gently lift up on extenders (the side bars) and slide the wheelchair extender through the D-Ring on the front harness and clip into place

How to Fit a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

If you are unsure whether the wheelchair is fitted properly, please email rear view and side view photographs of your dog in the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to helpme@walkinpets.com, and we will review the fitting.  Be sure to include the name the wheelchair was ordered under and your phone number in the message.

Free Guide to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Dog Wheelchair

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