Paralyzed Dog Walks Again!

[June 16,  2016] SPECIAL NOTE: Origami Owl did a wonderful article on DiAnne and Callie.

Callie overcame rear-end paralysis with the help of a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. And then something even better happened!

Walkin’ Wheels Were Key to Recovery!

Callie, a Pit Bull mix belonging to the Craig family, lost all mobility in her rear legs one night due to a herniated disk. After the first couple of months of trying pain and anti-inflammatory medications, her veterinarian recommended trying acupuncture. Weekly acupuncture treatments, coupled with daily use of the Walkin’ Wheels, were the keys to her recovery. Callie began to respond, and within a few months she regained her mobility and no longer needs her wheels. That’s what we call success! But the other indispensable key to Callie’s recovery was the love and devotion of her family!

Walkin' Wheels Exercise!“I am a believer that many dogs with some of the same issues as Callie can in fact be treated successfully with medication, therapy, and acupuncture. She is living proof that these treatments worked. I want others to know not to assume the worst. I would never have thought Callie would walk again until we started to see her in the cart! She actually began to move her back legs. For months they had zero feeling, and a pinch was not even noticed. Once she exercised daily in her wheelchair, her legs moved more and more. Then … she just stood up! I must have cried for two hours waiting for my husband to come home and see her walking.”  ~ DiAnne Craig

Pets Helped Through Foundation

dog wheelchair success storyDiAnne Craig is so grateful for the success of the Walkin’ Wheels that she has set up a special fundraiser. The fundraiser is dedicated to helping the Handicapped Pets Foundation raise funds for Walkin’ Wheels for pets in need. As a proud Origami Owl Independent Designer (jewelry), DiAnne and has set up a special fundraising page here. She will donate 100% of her Origami Owl commissions for orders placed now through May 31, 2016, to the Handicapped Pets Foundation to assist other dogs in need of a wheelchair. Orders must be placed through that link! [Note: Tax and shipping are not able to be waived.] This fundraiser was closed on May 31, 2016, but a new one has begun — see top of this page!

Video Shows Dog’s Recovery!

In conclusion, watch this wonderful video of Callie’s journey from paralysis to renewed health!

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  1. My pitbull mix Hersheys has been handicapped for little over a year. She also woke up one day without having being able to mobilize herself from her two back legs. We bought her wheelchair and she loves it. We wanted to start therapy but first they recommended to get her UTI and bed sores better. She’s had a very bad UTI and her back legs were in really bad shape and infected from the bed sore and her lying on her pee. I was financially struggling so it has taken me a while to proceed things with her. Thankfully I also bought her bed specifically for handicapped pets and I finally have been taking her to the vet with dr. Stan who is doing an amazing job in healing Hersheys UTI and bed sores. Hopefully when she is in full recovery I can start therapy on her. Ever since she became handicap from her herniated disc many ppl just recommended to put her down but she has such an amazing heart and energy that goes on forever that i have so much faith that she will walk one day. I don’t think I would have ever forgave myself if I didn’t try to at least help her recover. And having a one year daughter makes it even more tough yet a lot more satisfying to know anything is possible. Thank you for you amazing story and congrats to you and your family for conquering what many people don’t have the patience for. You guys are inspiring. God bless!

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