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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Your Dog & Cat

As we begin summer fun, freelance writer and journalist Amber Kingsley shares these important pool safety tips with us, complete with graphics:

With rising temperatures come more threats to our pet’s safety and we need to be more diligent with their care during these warmer months. Just as we wouldn’t leave our kids unattended around the pool, we shouldn’t allow our pets to be unsupervised when they’re poolside.

Here are some safety tips for enjoying this wonderful weather when we’re swimming with our pets:

Look Out for Signs of Dehydration

Along with watching for signs of heat stroke, monitor them for evidence of dehydration. One simple way to look for this dangerous condition is to check for elasticity in their skin. Using your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch their skin as it slightly pulls away. When you release it, the skin should quickly return to place. If there’s a delay, this is a sign of trouble and the animal needs water.

Signs of dehydration can be similar to evidence of heat stroke and also include:

– Vomiting or diarrhea
– Eyes that appear sunken
– An elevated heart rate

Although an animal could have an increase in their blood pressure and heart rate, they could also have a weak pulse. If you notice any of these conditions in your dog or cat, take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Beware of Hot Surfaces


Unless we’re running around barefoot with them, sometimes we forget how hot these surfaces can become on a summer’s day.

For example, when it’s 95 degrees F outside, common pool surfaces like concrete and bricks can reach temperatures of up to 135 degrees F, which can easily cause burns to their sensitive paws.

dog pool safety

Another thing we may overlook is the fact that they could become sunburned when spending too much time outdoors.

Dogs with shorter coats or lighter colored fur and skin are at increased risk from becoming sunburned.

If you’re having trouble finding canine-friendly sunblock, look at those options that are safe for children.

But beware of those that contain zinc, which can be harmful for pets if they ingest too much.

Installing a ramp is one way to ensure your pet can get out of the water safely, while they’re in the pool, for those that don’t swim well, you can always purchase them a life jacket.

For those who are completely comfortable in thdog pool safetye water, you should still consider a safety vest so you can safely pluck them from the pool in case of an emergency.

In any event, if your pet enjoys the pool, be sure they know exactly how to get in and out of the water safely and never leave them alone when they’re poolside.

Follow these pet safety tips so that you and your pet can enjoy safe summer fun!

dog pool safety tips

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