Help This Senior Dog Find a Forever Home!

Meet Oscar, an injured senior dog. He’s an 11-year-old Beagle/Pekingese mix who is being fostered by a wonderfully compassionate soul, Laura Webber, one of the customer service representatives at Walkin’ Pets by Laura has become Oscar’s savior.

Tough Spot for Injured Senior Dog

Laura first heard about Oscar his dog walker called her at work. The dog walker had spoken with Laura before when a Walkin’ Wheels was ordered for Oscar, and she turned to her once again.

The dog walker called in tears to tell Laura that unless a new home was found for Oscar, he would be put down. She said Oscar was in otherwise good health and just needed to recover from recent IVDD surgery. The wheelchair was being used to help his mobility during his recovery period.

Foster Home for Oscar

adopt injured senior dogLaura has a huge heart and quickly sprang to action, calling rescues in an attempt to find Oscar a temporary home. Nothing was materializing, so she offered to foster Oscar herself. His owner drove Oscar across several states to where Laura lives.

Oscar howled as his owner drove away, but Laura has worked hard to make the sweet dog comfortable. She didn’t have to work hard to make him feel loved, because she fell in love with him right away.

Oscar’s Future (?)

The previous owners are paying for Oscar’s first six months of expenses, including weekly physical therapy sessions. Horse ‘N Hound recently did their first physical therapy session with Oscar. They anticipate that he will be walking on his own again before too long!

Meanwhile, Oscar has exhibited a loving temperament. He gets along well with Laura’s two teenagers and her other dog, Houston, a Pit Bull. All he needs now is for someone to hear his story and realize that he is meant to live with them forever.

Please watch this video to see if you might be the one meant to love Oscar:

Things to Consider Before Adopting

Sometimes, the easiest part about adopting is the falling in love part! Here are other things to carefully consider before you make a final decision to go for it:

  • Are you in a position to make a lifetime commitment to the dog?
  • Are you in the financial position to ensure you can cover the costs of food, medical needs, and other pet-related costs?
  • Is everyone else in your human family fully on board with this?
  • If you have other pets, will they get along with a new canine family member?
  • Adopting a senior pet means you are that much closer to end-of-life issues — can you handle that?
  • In Oscar’s case, his post-surgical needs require extra care — are you ready for that?

Want More Information?

If you would like to contact Laura for more information about Oscar, please email her at:

Finally, if you think you might be the lucky one to love Oscar for life, please reach out! Oscar deserves a forever family who can cherish him for life.


There is a very happy ending to this story, which the dogs will tell you in the post below!

Above all, thank you to Laura and her family for their big and generous hearts!

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