Safe Pet Travels by Car or Paw

Safe pet travel is extremely important! Many parts of the country are experiencing wintry mixes of snow, sleet or rain that remind us to drive slowly on the roads and tread carefully on the sidewalks. Similar precautions should be taken when traveling with our pets.

Products to Ensure Safe Pet Travel

Changes in weather conditions can wreak havoc on the roads and require frequent and sudden stops in order to avoid accidents.  Is your pet securely in place with a pet seat belt that will prevent him or her from becoming a projectile and sustaining injuries?  A seat belt will keep your pet safe while also protecting you from becoming distracted by attending to a dog that wants to move from seat to seat.

While traveling between your destinations, you can ensure that your dog’s paws are protected from temperature extremes and the hazards of sidewalk salt by using pet boots. We hope you and your pets are safely enjoying this winter wonderland.  We welcome social media posts of your walkin’ adventures!

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