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Help a Paralyzed Rescue Dog Find Her Forever Home

All it takes is one person to change a dog’s life. Sasha Corbett is a Vet Tech who has devoted her life to caring for special needs pets. Her passion for pets started with an amazing American Bully named Rosalie.

Rosalie was smaller than her siblings and facing some severe mobility issues, unable to care for Rosalie, her owner wanted to put her down. Sasha stepped up, giving Rosalie a forever home, a new wheelchair and the chance to live her best life. When a paralyzed tortoise named Scoot Reeves came into her office facing terrible odds, Sasha knew she could make a difference. Going above and beyond to get him back on his feet and into a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Inspired by the amazing animals around her, when Sasha heard about Frida, a handicapped, shelter dog who was struggling to find a home, she knew what she had to do.

From Street Dog to Rescue Success

Frida Heads to FloridaFrida was initially found out on the streets of Alabama. Scared and clearly injured, it took a good Samaritan several trips to the area to try and coax her out of hiding, before Frida could be rescued. The Pike Animal Shelter stepped in and immediately took her to the vet. Discovering that Frida’s back was broken and her hip was shattered on one side. How Frida was injured will always by a mystery. Initially believing she may had been shot, but they now believe it she was the victim of extreme abuse before being thrown out on to the streets. The rescue fought for Frida, giving her the attention and care she so desperately needed, but more than anything they wanted Frida to get her happy ending.

Finding a special needs pet a home, takes time. After four months of searching they refused to give up on Frida. They were more determined than ever to find Frida her forever home, reaching out to public for help. Sasha Corbett has a soft spot for pet’s with special needs and she knew she could make a difference. Coordinating with the Amazing Grace Bully Rescue in Pensacola, Sasha took on responsibility of fostering Frida. Making the three drive to meet the director halfway between Pensacola and Pike to pick up Frida.

Little Dog with a Sweet Personality

Two Special Needs Dogs FriendsFrida is a really special, humble girl. Although, shy at first, as Frida gets more comfortable her personality really shines through. According to Sasha,

“Frida loves every dog she meets and person once she realizes they are not going to hurt her. She’s really quite cute because once she knows someone is ok, she will very sneakily come up from behind and just place her nose on your hand, like ok, we can be friends, just give me some love.”

Frida is especially outgoing with other dogs. Frida loves to chase and wrestle with them in and out of chair and her whole face just lights up when she plays. She has also found her voice and will bark a little when she gets excited. She especially loves Rosalie, Sasha’s wheeling American Bully, who she follows around and like to park her wheelchair next to!

New Wheels for Frida

Rescue dog Frida get new wheelchairAlthough, Frida came to Sasha with a wheelchair, it’s much too small for her. Often the wheelchair would flip over causing her to crash. Afraid she was going to hurt herself, Sasha knew Frida needed a new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair that would adjust for the perfect fit. Sasha started a fundraiser on social media in the hopes that people would open their hearts to helping this sweet little girl. When the Walkin’ Pets team saw the post, they jumped in immediately. Sending Frida, a brand new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair the very next day! Now best friends Rosalie, Scoot the tortoise and Frida all have matching wheelchairs!

With her new wheelchair, Frida’s confidence is growing everyday! Now Rosalie and Scoot have to keep up with her!

Looking for a Forever Homeflorida rescue dog

Mobile and ready to go, Frida is looking for a home. Sasha and Amazing Grace Bully Rescue know it may take a while to find Frida the perfect home, but they know that when that person comes along they will be incredibly special.

If your interested in learning more about Frida, please contact the Amazing Grace Bully Rescue.

Watch below to see Rosalie, Scoot Reeves, and Frida enjoy life on wheels!

Update: We are sad to say that Frida crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Although she never found her forever home, we are glad that she was able to spend her remaining weeks enjoying life with Rosalie, Sasha and her other rescued friends.

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