7 Dogs, 4 Dog Wheelchairs, and 1 Remarkable Woman

Tracey Fowler, proud canine mama of 7 dogs, was the featured guest on the “Happy, Healthy Pets with Mark C. Robinson” radio podcast on May 26. Four of her dogs are in a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, but Tracey takes it all in stride.

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Hayden

Hayden in his Walkin’ Wheels

Tracey spoke about her happy dog family on the radio podcast, and it’s clear that her giving heart has everything to do with that. Hayden was the first dog in her family who eventually needed a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

A German Shepherd, Hayden had developed Degenerative Myelopathy. Tracey reported that as soon as he got into the wheelchair, he took off!

Of her decision to get Hayden a wheelchair, Tracey says,

“Hayden was not ready to leave me. I didn’t know about the quality of life they could have in the wheelchair, and it is an awesome quality of life! They don’t know they’re in the cart. They’re just happy to be part of the family.”

Although Tracey’s heart broke when Hayden finally passed, she didn’t let that stop her from opening it to several new canine family members.

The Canine Family Grows

Heath having a happy day!

Although Tracey still had two walking German Shepherds, she found that she missed the sound of “rolling wheels” in the house. When she saw a dog in a wheelchair who needed a home, posted online by Heath’s Haven Rescue in Idaho, Tracey responded.

She adopted the Cattle Healer mix dog and renamed him “Heath” to honor the rescue. Soon after, Tracey saw a rescue named Kenny on Facebook. She adopted him, but sadly, he passed of a blood clot shortly thereafter.

Tom Turkey in his quad wheelchair

Tom Turkey was the next one to catch Tracey’ eye. She saw him in an annual pet calendar contest run by Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com. Tom Turkey had been living at a shelter in Montana for a year, and was up for adoption.

Tracey soon welcomed Tom Turkey into her family. Somewhere along the way, she also realized that her canine family was giving her life purpose.

Hear the Rest of Tracey’s Story!

Other dogs followed, each with his or her own journey, leading to Tracey’s door. Listen to the radio podcast to learn more about this amazing family, headed by this remarkable woman! Here is the link to her episode: Understanding Dog Wheelchairs. Interview with a caretaker, Tracey.

Caring for Disabled Dogs

Of caring for disabled dogs, Tracey definitively says,

“Don’t feel sorry for them! Enjoy the moment. Know that you’re making memories. It may not be for everyone, but it is for me!”

 The Fowler Herd: Miracles in Motion

Go to this blog post for more about Tracey and her dogs!

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  1. I have a disabled Collie Rough ( not full size) He would need a 4 wheel wheelchair like the Tom Turkey one and I would like to talk to some one about it. Kobie is 12 months old and he and his litter sister were born disabled. She has water on the brain but is ok with walking. Kobie has (I think) nerve damage in the spine but there are no vets anywhere that can help me. He can use his front legs and can move his back legs but is unable to stand and his spine is twisted like a person with Scoliosis. Both of them have not grown to full size and Kobie is 10 Kgs. Can you please let me know who I can talk to as I love him very much and want to get him a wheelchair.

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