Be on the Lookout for the 2017 Route 66 Pet Adoption Tour

FIDO Friendly magazine’s 9th annual Get Your Licks on Route 66 Pet Adoption Tour is hitting the road! Greg and Susan Sims, (respective president and publisher of FIDO Friendly), organize the annual event in support of cat and dog adoption from shelters across the country. The effort is all about raising awareness and helping dogs and cats find their forever homes.

Let the Tour Begin!

van-route-66-tourThe cross-country tour kicks off on September 8 in Culver City, California, at Petco, 11AM-3PM. On September 9, 10AM-3PM, the tour will go to the LA Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California. Brandon McMillan, Emmy Award-winning TV host of the weekly CBS series Lucky Dogwill be at the shelter to film his show and sign autographs.

At each shelter stop, the tour brings a giant spinning wheel, stocked with great pet-themed prizes. Walkin’ Pets by is proud to be a spinning wheel sponsor — look for our Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wind-up Toys!

Attendees who make a donation get a chance to spin for one of the pet-themed spinning wheel prizes. All of the proceeds for the day are donated to that day’s shelter.

No Dog Left Behind!

FIDO Friendly has a mission;

“to give every dog a home & leave NO dog behind!”

In the first eight years of the tour, they have helped place more than 9,000 pets into forever homes! Here’s to another year when the tour will help raise awareness and help more pets to find families who will love them.

Look for These Upcoming Tour Stops


13 | Scottsdale, Arizona | Event held 1-5 | Petco | 8910 E. Talking Stick Way

16 | Albuquerque, New Mexico | Event held 10-3 | Petco | 3601 Old Airport Rd., NW

17 | Santa Fe, New Mexico | Event held noon-4 | Petco | 2006 Cerillos Rd.

20 | Lawton, Oklahoma | Event held noon-4 | Lawton Animal Welfare | 2104 SW 6th Street

23 | Edmond, Oklahoma | Event held noon-4 | Lawton Animal Welfare | Edmond, OK

24 | Tulsa, Oklahoma | Event held noon-4 | Woodland Hills Mall | 7021 S. Memorial Drive

26 | Joplin, Missouri | Event held noon-4 | Golden Paw Rescue | 2301 N Main St. | Joplin, MO

28 |  Springfield, Missouri | Event held noon-4 | Petco | 3840 W. Washita


1 | St. Louis, Missouri | Event held 10-3 | Tiles Park | K-9 Carnival | 9551 Litzinger Rd.

7 | Chicago, Illinois | Event held noon-4 | Paws Chicago | 1997 N. Clybourn Ave.

8 | Springfield, Illinois | Event held noon-4 | Schell’s Sporting Goods | 3810 S. MacArthur Blvd.

14 | Grandview, Missouri | Event held 2-6 | Petco | 12124 15th St.

15 | Merriam, Kansas | Event held noon-4 | Great Plains SPCA | 5428 Antioch Dr.


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