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Top 5 Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Dogs

For any dog owner, it can be distressing when your furry friend is experiencing pain. Like humans, the usual causes of pain in dogs undergo medication management. Sadly, it can be costly and may not be a long-term solution. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is one of the newest treatment options. It’s considered a substitute for medication to promote better healing and improve the quality of life for your pet. 

Generally, PEMF therapy for dogs may be used to manage pain, fractures, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, degenerative conditions, neurological injuries, and many more.

A Close Look at PEMF Therapy

If you’re considering PEMF for dogs, knowing how it works is crucial. PEMF is a type of electrotherapy that utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields at variable frequencies.  

During therapy, it generates secondary electrical fields inside the cells to restore their healthy electrical charge. As a result, it brings about normal cellular reactions within the cells, leading to better healing while relieving pain.

In simple terms, PEMF promotes healing by restoring proper circulation and improving cellular activity. While the therapy will not act as a panacea, it’s a non-invasive, safe, and affordable option.

Depending on your dog’s needs, you may want to check out RedHealth™ PEMF Devices for dogs and other similar choices to ensure a head start in healing and recovery. If you want to be familiar with how magnetic therapy works, watch this video.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Dogs

Nowadays, various therapies are available to deal with multiple conditions or injuries. PEMF therapy for dogs may be an option worth considering due to the benefits it has to offer.

If you’re still hesitating about the treatment, here are some benefits of PEMF therapy for dogs:

1. Wound and Pain Management 

PEMF therapy may help accelerate the wound-healing process. The therapy is a non-invasive, safe treatment that hastens healing without measures involving direct wound contact. 

The therapy may benefit dogs after post-surgical procedures and conditions involving acute and chronic inflammation and pain. If you compare the treatment with pain medications or NSAIDs, the results can be the same or even better without the side effects. 

Various measures are available to lessen pain or discomfort due to injury or health conditions. An advantage of PEMF is its non-invasive nature. Generally, it focuses on the root of the pain. It can help alleviate pain in various body parts, including the head, joints, back, digestive tract, muscles, and soft tissues.

2. Enhance Overall Health 

Among the various benefits of PEMF therapy for dogs, it may improve overall health. Some benefits include better cellular metabolism, circulation, endurance, and energy production. 

If you enjoy an active lifestyle with your dog, the therapy may be ideal, especially if you engage in outdoor hiking or any physical activity.  

3. Manage Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia

Senior dogs often develop various health conditions. The most common is osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia among large dog breeds. It’s also the ideal choice for dogs diagnosed with several chronic illnesses. 

Sadly, most of these conditions steadily develop as a dog reaches its senior years, bringing ongoing discomfort. In most cases, managing the symptoms usually involves medications with their share of side effects. An advantage of PEMF for dogs is delivering longer relief to the discomfort caused by arthritis. 

4. Deal With Degenerative and Neurological Conditions 

Various degenerative conditions can develop among dogs in their senior years. Among the benefits of PEMF is that it may reduce inflammation while promoting healing. Generally, this process helps slow down the progression of arthritis. The therapy also works by managing the pain due to chronic degenerative conditions. 

When it comes to neurological conditions among dogs, PEMF may be an option to manage neuropathy or intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). As your pet undergoes therapy, you may see a difference in mood, mobility, and energy level. As the magnetic waves go through the body, it promotes better circulation and minimizes inflammation.

5. Easy To Use and Accessible

In addition to the therapy your dog receives at a clinic, collars, beds, and collars with magnetic fields are readily available on the market.

The collars may provide several benefits, such as alleviating discomfort, minimizing stress, and boosting metabolic activity. It’s an ideal way to ensure your dog’s health without significant side effects.

If you want to ensure your dog’s comfort, a bed may be a suitable choice, providing them support while they sleep. You can also go for a collar that your senior dog can easily wear, which may work best for joint pain or arthritis.

Final Thoughts 

PEMF for dogs may be worth considering to restore your furry friend’s health. Depending on your dog’s injury or condition, the therapy is worth considering for its several benefits. As a safe and non-invasive therapy, PEMF may help promote healing and restore your dog’s health to an optimum condition.

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