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handicapped pet products

We believe that pets are nothing less than members of our family, and it’s so important to us that all handicapped, disabled and elderly pets are able to live a healthy, happy life. It is such a joy to see a struggling animal get the support they need and to witness their relief and happiness when they start adapting to a product designed to assist them. The emotional transformation after a handicapped pet is able to walk and play again is incredible!

Here at Walkin’ Pets, we have a wide variety of equipment and products designed to support the special needs of pets with disabilities, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to assist our beloved animals. 

It’s hard to choose our favorites, but here is a list of the top handicapped pet products that we particularly love and why!

Four Awesome Handicapped Pet Products

Dog lifts and support harnesses

Combo Harness_Lift_into_Car

As pets age, or of course if they have suffered a leg injury, they may need a little help with their mobility.

Whether it be arthritis, degenerative myelopathy (DM) or another condition or disease, a dog harness or lift can make all the difference when it comes to supporting your dog with their everyday movements. 

Our range includes products for front or rear legs as well as full-body slings. Using these helps you to help your pooch stay active and maintain their balance. They are handy for anything from climbing the stairs, getting in and out of a vehicle or even just a quick toilet break. This range covers any size and style of product you could need to care for your precious pet.

View product here.

Fully adjustable dog wheelchairs

In years gone by, if a four-legged family member lost the ability to walk as a result of disease, ageing or injury, we had no choice but to watch on helplessly as they suffered and their health further declined. That’s why one of our absolute favorites has to be the dog wheelchairs. Whether your dog has weak or paralyzed hind legs or weakness in all four legs, there is a supportive wheelchair product for them.

Dog wheelchairs provide the support and stability disabled dogs need to remain active. An adjustable wheelchair adapts to suit a dog’s changing mobility. A rear wheel cart can easily be adapted to four-wheel dog wheelchair by adding a front wheel attachment.

These wheelchairs are designed to fit any size dog, they are made from top quality aluminium that is lightweight for easier use, and they fold flat for convenient storage and transport.

View product here.

Blind dog halo

halo guide for blind pet

Vision impairment or loss can be caused by a number of conditions including glaucoma, SARDS, cataracts, trauma, and diabetes. It is hard for pets with vision loss to navigate safely around their environment. And the Blind Dog Halo gives them some much needed support. Loss of sight does not have to mean a loss of a pet’s independence. This flexible, lightweight halo is attached to a super comfortable blind dog harness. Wearing the halo will help any vision-impaired dog to live more independently.

Instead of tripping over furniture or bumping into walls and doors, your dog will be alerted to the obstacle in good time to avoid it. The halo guides your dog around the house, allowing them to navigate safely. Not only does the halo lessen the incidence of accident and injury, but instils greater confidence in your pup. Allowing your dog to maneuver around and continue to participate in a range of normal daily activities.

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SleePee Time Bed for incontinent pets

SleePee Time Bed for Incontinence

This bed is the perfect solution for supporting dogs with incontinence issues whilst helping owners to keep their pup’s bed clean and fresh. Aging and otherwise incontinent dogs can have a hard time getting good quality sleep when they can’t control their bladder.

This specially designed bed protects your dog’s skin and your floor at the same time! The bed’s surface is made with a wide-gauge vinyl-coated polyester fiber mesh which allows the urine to flow through it. Excess urine flows through the mesh and into a sturdy tray underneath. This makes clean up easy. Simply spray the mesh bedding with a non-abrasive household cleaner, followed by a simple wipe or spray down with a faucet or hose. Not only is the SleePee Time Bed more sanitary, it prevents painful urine burns from occurring.

The bed also features comforting, soft, fleecy pillowed edges for added snugness. This design allows air to circulate under your dog to aid evaporation and thus promote comfort while protecting their skin. Preventing your dog from lying in their urine as they try to sleep. The bed sits low to the ground to make it easier for dogs with mobility challenges or orthopedic issues to step in and out of it with ease.

View product here.

Final Thoughts

Of course, these are just some of the wonderful handicapped pet products we are proud to offer to support your pet. Make sure to keep an eye out for great savings and coupons on our products too. 

It is so important to provide our beloved pets with everything they need to live a full and happy life. When challenges come up, we want to do our very best to provide them with the support they need to feel comfortable and happy. We know that is important to you too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! 
We also offer pet splints and leg supports, paw-care products, and books. Check them out by clicking the links!

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