Masya Sends an Update from Russia with Love

All around the world, animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians and pet owners are choosing the Walkin’ Wheels fully adjustable dog wheelchair for their companions that are experiencing mobility problems.

This week, we received a very special update from Russia with love from Masya and her caretaker Lucy who hopes to find this wonderful wheelchair dog a home of her own.

Masya Doing Well in Dog Wheelchair

Masya has been successfully using her pink Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for over six months now. The shelter was extremely grateful to have been provided with a new wheelchair to replace a handmade cart that was not providing adequate support. Now, Masya loves to run at full speed in her Walkin’ Wheels, and the shelter has nicknamed her Rocket. Below is a video that we hope you will watch and share in an effort to help Masya find a forever family very soon!

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