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How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

Chances are you take thousands of pictures of your pet every year. And when your pet is cute and does something adorable, you want to share it! But how do you get your dog noticed on Social Media? There are millions of dogs on Instagram, learn how to get yours noticed and seen by as many people as possible.

1. Post Quality Photos & Videos

Dotty the Pug Walkin' Wheels

We all know when scrolling through our Instagram feed, if we come across a low-quality photo, we just keep scrolling . . . NEXT – No questions asked. Almost as if the photo doesn’t exist. Well, how about those high-quality photos that immediately stop us in our tracks? Our brains want to be inspired, they want to be blown away. They want to see good content that sparks their interest. They seek out quality and are attracted to it. The better-quality photo, the more eyes on it, the more eyes on it, the more likely people will interact with the post, which ultimately leads to Instagram feeding your posts more frequently to your followers and prioritizing your posts to the top of their timelines. Quality > Quantity.

2. #Hashtags

Oscar Madison wheelie dog

Hashtags are the search engine for Instagram. People will search popular hashtags to seek out things they truly WANT to see. This will help reach and engage people beyond those who are already following you. Think of the hashtag as Google. You search your desired question, thought, item, and Google will supply. This is similar to the “Explore” option on Instagram. You can search your desired thought, item, etc., and Instagram will show you posts that use the hashtag that coincides with that thought, item, etc. Get creative, use hashtags that are relevant to your post, ones that are trending, and even promote your own personalized hashtag(s) for branding purposes.

3. Get Personal

Tobi Frenchie Wheelchair

Posting on Instagram is a way to express yourself, your likes, interests, hobbies, and socialize. In order to socialize and express yourself, you need to be genuine and authentic. Get real with your audience. I like to think of an Instagram post as a work of art. You post a unique photo, you edit the photo to your creative liking, and you come up with a clever caption to top it off. The more people can relate to your post, find it clever, inspiring, funny, real . . . The more your audience will vibe with you, and the more others will want to vibe with you, too. These people will become fast fans of your content and get excited when you share a new post – because they trust your realness and authenticity. With authenticity, comes uniqueness – you want to stand out. Be original.

4. Be Social

Goats of Anarchy Small Quad Wheelchair

There is a reason why they call it “Social” Media. The whole concept behind these different Social Media platforms, is to engage your audience. Let’s use an analogy for a minute . . . Facebook and Instagram symbolizing a dinner party, or a cocktail party. Social Media is used to learn more about others, teach others about yourself, and ultimately create/build connections. It’s not intended to be used as a one-way street. You gain traction and followers by engaging with others.  Don’t wait for people to engage in your posts, engage with other users and like-minded accounts. This is the whole “social” aspect – Return the favor. By interacting with other posts through by liking and commenting, will encourage them engage in your posts. Strengthening connections, will encourage loyalty.

5. Consistency

Scooty Water Walkin' Wheels

Post Frequently.  You want your followers to “stay in the know” – keep them updated and informed. They follow you because they want to share in your experiences. Consistent content is key for an engaging, trusting, and loyal following. Be original in your content. Make sure you stand out, be yourself, and be seen. Now, I’m not saying post 5 times a day every day, because remember, quality over quantity. Posting too often can have the opposite effect and drive your audience away by filling up their feed with useless space. You have most likely experienced this firsthand, and this can get irritating and annoying for your followers. Too much of anything can become overwhelming . . . Instead, find a balance of posting regularly, with good content, rather than posting non-stop, with sub-par content.

If you use a healthy combination of all 5 of these steps, then you will be off to a great start!

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Thank you to Mikayla Feehan, the Social Media Coordinator for Walkin’ Pets for sharing her Instagram secrets!

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