Do Back Braces Help Dogs with IVDD?

Dog back brace for IVDD support

A herniated disc or IVDD diagnosis can cause canine paralysis, mobility loss, and severe back pain. The support of a dog back brace can help to relieve IVDD back pain and help pets to stay active longer. 

Orthopedic support braces can be combined with rehab exercise for conservative management of a canine spinal condition, as an alternative to expensive surgery, or provide extra support during post operative recovery. There are countless reasons why a dog would need a back brace, but understanding how they work is important to decide if your dog would benefit from a  back brace.

How Do Dog Back Braces Work?

Corgi wears vertebrave back brace for IVDD

A dog back brace supports a dog’s spine and surrounding muscles to provide spinal stability and relieve back pain. Although a back brace will not cure IVDD or a disc condition it can provide comfort, protection, and help relieve your pet’s back pain. 

The vertebraVe dog back support is the perfect back brace for dogs with IVDD. The back support wraps around the dog’s body and features a special memory foam support system that conforms to the back for spinal support where a dog needs it. Additionally metal support rods are strategically placed along the spine and an inch to either side of the spine to restrict range of motion and unwanted movements. When dealing with a pet’s spinal injury you want to limit any unwanted movements to avoid exacerbating existing injuries while giving the pet’s back time to heal. 

Benefits of a Dog Back Brace

A dog back brace is essential for pets diagnosed with IVDD, here are a few ways how support can help your dog heal:

  • Provide spinal support above and below
  • Ease dog back pain
  • Stabilize the spine
  • Allows you to safely restrict a pet’s range of motion
  • Alleviate pressure on the spine

How Does the vertebraVe Provide Back Support to Pets?

Dog back braces for IVDD support

Each vertebraVe back support features a patented two tier support system. With memory foam layers that hug the dog’s back for complete back support, and conform to the dog’s natural shape as they wear it to ensure the perfect fit. Dog’s with spinal diseases, like IVDD, need full support along the spine itself. Which is why the vertebraVe features a metal support rod along the spine, as well as two other support braces an inch to either side. By providing proper spinal support dog’s with IVDD lower the risk of reinjuring themselves or further damaging their spinal disc rupture. 

Herniated and bulging discs can occur in any part of a dog’s spine. Which is why it’s important that their back brace supports the entire length of their back. The ideal IVDD back support will protect a pet’s thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine. The vertebraVe features a special lumbar support system that supports a dog’s lower back from above and below. 

IVDD Occurs in Small Dogs, Large Breed Dogs, and Cats!

Although IVDD heavily impacts small breed dogs such as dachshunds, Shih Tzu, and corgis they are not the only pets at risk for IVDD. Intervertebral Disc Disease also affects large dog breeds and even cats. Which is why it’s important for an orthopedic back brace or support, such as the vertebraVe, to fit all sizes of pets and not just the smaller breeds. 

Unlike a hard cast, a back brace is flexible. A neoprene brace promotes an active lifestyle by allowing pets to run and play while back muscles remain engaged and working. Because they can still move naturally while wearing the brace a dog’s muscles will not weaken or atrophy. Canine back braces keep a pet’s back fully supported, relieving back pain and aids dogs dealing with intervertebral disc disease as they heal.

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