Introducing the Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness

The Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness helps you to gently provide lifting assistance to your senior or aging pet.

New Product for Mobility Assistance

dog lift harnessThe Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness provides full body support for the front and rear end of your dog, allowing you to comfortably and safely assist your dog. The Lift-n-Step harness is useful during your pet’s post-operative recovery care and an aid for arthritic dogs or keeping aging pets moving with ease. The Lift-n-Step Harness can help your dog with loss of stability caused by joint injuries, arthritis or weak hind legs or joints. Easily lift and support your dog without bending over and protecting your back at the same time. With the Lift-n-Step Harness you can safely help your pet to walk outside, climb stairs, assist into vehicles and more.

This harness is an ideal solution for giving an extra boost for your tri-pawed dog!

Used to Assist Pets with the Following Conditions:dog support harness

  • Great for early stage neurological conditions
  • Early stage Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Post-Op Recovery: TPLO or Cruciate Repair
  • IVDD
  • Arthritis
  • Support pets with weakness in legs or hips


Lift-n-Step Harness

  • Lift senior and arthritic pets with ease
  • Provide additional support & balance for rear leg amputee dogs
  • Avoid owner back pain caused from bending over & lifting pet
  • Get pet walking again after injury or surgery
  • Get dogs in and out of car easily
  • Assist pet up and down stairs
  • Gently support your pet during walks
  • Provide total body support (both front and rear!)
  • Reduces weight off your dog’s spine, legs, or hips

Designed for Style and Comfort

The Lift-n-Step harness is constructed of durable royal blue nylon with orange detailing this harness is designed to be seen! The silver reflective stitching on the webbing increases your dog’s visibility keeping your pet safe on nighttime walks.

The fleece-lined, padded interior is soft and comfortable for your dog to wear preventing chafing. With six quick release buckles the Lift-n-Step is easy to get on and off. With its six points of adjustment it allows for customizable and comfortable fit, conforming to your dog’s body.

full body dog lifting harnessEasy to Use

The Lift-n-Step harness is simple to use and adjusts to perfectly fit your dog. To use: simply unfasten the front harness buckles that attach around your dog’s waist. Slip the front harness over your dog’s head and refasten the buckles at your dog’s waist. Attach rear support under your dog’s belly and lift up on the carrying strap! Your dog is ready to go!

Tip: The front harness can be also be used as a standard walking harness. Simply detach the rear support, carrying strap can double as a lead or attach your favorite leash instead!


dog support harness

The Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness provides lifting support for dogs as small as 15 pounds and as large as 110 pounds. The correct size harness for your pet is determined based off weight. Available in five sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge.

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