International Pets Lovin’ Life in Walkin’ Wheels

Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs are rollin’ ’round the globe! We thought it would be fun to showcase dogs (and a lamb!) who are sporting their wheels from Moscow to Mozambique!

The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair enables pets around the world to enjoy a high-quality life. Being disabled or mobility challenged no longer equates to an end-of-life situation. Take one look at these dogs and you’ll understand what pet owners consistently tell us:

“They don’t know they’re disabled!”

While we ship Walkin’ Wheels virtually anywhere on the planet, Walkin’ Pets has international dealers in many countries. Ordering directly from them can save customers in shipping cost and delivery time.

Pets on a Roll!

Without further ado, here are international dogs (and lamb) using Walkin’ Wheels. When you hover over a photo, the caption will tell you the pet’s name and what country s/he lives in. The dog featured in the photo above with the young monks is Tashi. She was rescued by exiled Tibetan monks who live in India. Tashi lives with them in their monastery.

These pets were just some of the contestants from the 2018 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest. (Next year’s contest will begin in June 2018.)

Internationally Loved

These pets are loved for who they are all over the world. And they are given what they need to continue to thrive. That’s something to celebrate!

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