The Importance of Seat Belts for Pets

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You more than likely put on a seat belt every time you get in your car. If you have little ones, you safely lock them into child friendly car seat, securely belted to ensure their safety, something you’re required to do by law. Basically, all of us know that seat belts save lives. But not many even think about the vehicle safety of the family dog.

We all want the best for our pets, the majority of us consider them to be family. We get a kick out of how much they enjoy sticking their heads out of the window, smiling as they feel the wind on their faces, but what happens if you get in an accident?

The Importance of Safety Belts for Dogs

CarSafety HarnessIn the case of an accident, unrestrained dogs can endure catastrophic injuries and even death. A dog can get injured by crashing into something, falling, or even by being thrown from the vehicle. Even if the dog survives the crash, if they’re frightened they may end up displaying erratic behavior, running out into traffic or attacking the people who are trying to help them. Using a pet car seat belt will ensure that both you, your family, including your dog are safe.

There are several products on the market that can help your dog stay safe in your vehicle, typically starting with a highly recommended harness. In case of an impact, a standard dog collar will put all the pressure of the restraint on the dog’s neck which can cause neck injuries. In contrast, with a harness, the force is distributed throughout the pet’s chest area belts, not confined to one impact position. Along with the seat belt, the harness allows the dog enough room to move around while still keeping them safe and secure and away from the driver.

Choosing a Seat Belt for Your Dog

First of all, keep in mind that all dog seat belts are not created equal. One of the best dog seat belts on the market is the convertible Walkin’ Pet seat belt, known for their strength and durability, thanks to the strength of the high tenacity nylon webbing steel hardware used to make it. The Walkin’ Pet seat belt is available three sizes: medium, large and extra-large. Fitting pets from 25 to 110lbs with each size adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit that conforms to your dog’s proportions.

The Walkin’ Pet dog seat belt is easy to use as well. You just slip it onto the vehicle’s existing seat belt and buckle your pet in. You can also use the safety belt as a front end walking harness – just attach your dog’s leash and you’re on your way.

It’s so instinctive for us to strap a seat belt on, however most people don’t give any thought to doing the same for their pets. The truth is that it’s incredibly important to consider your dog’s safety along with your families anytime you get into a vehicle.

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