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How to Choose the Perfect Rear Lift Harness for Your Dog

Whether your pet is just starting to display signs of mobility loss, or a sudden loss of mobility a harness can be a great tool to help provide them with rear end support, and help you give them that support without having to put so much of a strain on your own body.

A rear support harness can assist you and your pet with a wide range of mobility issues, but finding the correct harness and support for your dog can be difficult, especially with so many types and kinds of harnesses and slings on the market. Choosing the perfect rear lift harness for your dog can be tricky, and in this post, we will further explain and compare some common harnesses to help clarify and make picking the right harness for your pet easier!

Top Reasons Why a Dog Needs a Rear Lift Harness

Rear harness to lift senior dog in car

There are many reasons why a dog may suddenly need hind leg support. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a dog may need a rear harness:

  • Weakness in rear legs
  • Aging
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Difficulty with stairs and cars
  • Arthritis
  • Hind leg instability
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Trauma or injury 
  • Post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation 
  • Dragging rear legs and paws

With so many dog harnesses available, how do you choose the best one for your pet? It’s easier than you might think! Choose your dog’s harness based on the level of support they need.

Rear support leash for dog with weak back legs
Up-n-Go Rear Support Leash
Warrior rear lifting harness for dogs
Warrior Rear Harness
BuddyUp Rear harness for dog back leg support
BuddyUp Rear Harness

The Best Dog Harness for Light Support

dog rear support leash

If you are looking for lighter support, maybe your pet is just showing signs of mobility loss, or you are looking for a quick tool you can use with your dog up and down stairs or in and out of cars, the Up-N-Go may be the tool for you. The rear support leash is a simple and comfortable design that is made to go on easy and quick, so your pet doesn’t have to wait to get strapped into more heavy-duty support.

This support leash is only meant for quick excursions and is not designed to completely lift the dog’s rear end off the ground or in the air. There is nothing complicated about this harness, from ordering to putting it on your dog, this is the easiest lift harness to use. Perfect for quick trips outside in the middle of night or as a support option for dog’s as they recover from their injury.

Up-N-Go Harness: 

Labrador Retriever uses rear support leash for hind leg support
  • Stand alone support harness
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Weight based sizing – 5lbs to 150lbs
  • Perfect for early stages of Mobility Loss
  • Great tool for Post-Op recovery 
  • Help lift your pet into a wheelchair, up stairs or in the car. 
  • Mini is Red – over 20lbs is Blue

Whether post-op or assisting an aging pet with newly developing mobility issues, the Up-N-Go leash is a great starter support for rear end issues. The Up-N-Go is perfect for almost any pet as its two sizes cater to pets from 5lbs all the way up to 150lbs.

The Best Rear Lift Harness for Mid-Level Support 

senior small dog in his rear lift harness on a grassy walk

For a rear harness meant to be used for longer periods of time, we recommend the Walkin’ Warrior Rear Harness. Available in three different colors, Blue, Pink, and Green camouflage color, you can choose the color that best matches your dog’s personality! This harness is designed to be used on its own as full rear lifting support and can clip into the rear of the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. This function makes it perfect for customers who have trouble getting their pets in and out of the wheelchair using the standard leg rings.

The harness may be used on its own also makes it great for late-night potty breaks. And since the wheelchair cannot go up and down stairs, this harness is a great wheelchair alternative. Unclip the harness from the wheelchair and use it to assist your dog upstairs or into your car. With this harness, your pet’s rear legs can be lifted entirely off the ground and suspended. It has easy add-on handles, which can be converted to a wheelchair harness as your pet progresses. While sizing for this may not be weight based, one simple circumference of your pet’s thigh measurement will assist in picking the perfect size for your pet, big and small!

Walkin’ Lift Warrior Harness:

Walkin' Lift Warrior Harness attached to dog wheelchair
  • Stand-alone and Wheelchair compatible rear lift harness
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Great for extended use for longer excursions
  • Perfect for pets needing more support and ability to lift pets rear off the ground
  • Comes in 3 different camouflage colors (Pink, Blue, Green)
  • Available in 7 different sizes to find any pet the perfect fit
  • Easy circumference of the thigh measurement for sizing
  • Matching front harness available
  • Safely lift and support your dog
  • Harness makes it easier to help dog get in and out of their Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair

Best Heavy Support Harness for a Dog’s Back Legs

BuddyUp Rear harness for dog back leg support

The BuddyUp Rear Harness is designed for pet parents to assist and support a pet’s rear end. Specifically a large or giant dog breed that needs stronger support. This style harness is strong enough to support those pets running on the bigger side, including Goats, Pigs and even Cows!

This harness has less covering around the pet’s groin making it easier to keep clean and making the concern that your pet may soil it less of a worry! The BuddyUp harness supports a dog from underneath their back legs, the dog’s legs go through two padded foam rings. The leg rings provide a comfortable and supportive fit; while they can be easily wiped down and cleaned!

BuddyUp Harness provides lifting support for dog

The BuddyUp Harness is perfect for those with larger pets that need back-end support. This harness can also be used as upgraded rear harness for a pet’s wheelchair.

Does your dog need front leg support as well? Combine the rear harness with the matching front harness for the full body lifting support harness. Give your larger pet the full lift support needed without having to buy a custom-made full support harness.

Wearing the front and rear BuddyUp Harness together allows the harness to stay on your pet even when you are not actively assisting or lifting your dog. This harness is a must-have for parents of larger pets looking for a support harness and something to help ease their pet into the wheelchair as it can be connected to any of our Medium to Large sized wheelchair frames. 

BuddyUp Rear Harness:  

  • Stand alone and Wheelchair compatible rear lift harness
  • Best for larger pets, including farm animals
  • Great for longer wear when paired with the Front Harness
  • Adapts to your dog’s changing mobility needs
  • Great for large pets at any stage of rear mobility loss
  • Perfect for larger pets needing further support in the wheelchair
  • Harness is easy to size! There are 4 sizes available, choose the best one based on your pet’s weight


When choosing your dog’s harness, pick one based off your dog’s mobility need, the level of support, and the frequency they will use it. Does your dog need hind end support temporarily as they recover? Or will they need support for the rest of their life? A dog lifting harness provides your pet with the support they need to stay mobile. The right rear lifting harness for your pet will improve the life of your best friend. With your support, your dog will be able to go up the stairs, get outside quickly for bathroom breaks, and safely get in and out of the car. With your support (and the right harness!) your dog can live a happier and more active life.


  1. My bichon is having major problems with his back legs. He can no longer hold himself up when he poops so he ends up sitting in it. I need a rear support for potty issues and to help with steps. He’s heavy for me so I need a shoulder strap. And lastly due to skin issues and because I love my boy I want it to be comfortable. Can you recommend the best affordable lift/harness for my pup?

  2. My German shepherd has the wheel chair and (blue) rear lift. He walks/ uses his hind legs with just the rear harness. I haven’t used it in combo with wheel chair because he has more independence without. But the stirrups get stretched out and twisted. Without stirrups there is some foot buckling. However putting on the
    rear harness or walking him in it results in it folding & slipping & The extra straps are annoying for him and me. What to do?

    • The stirrups of the wheelchair can be shortened and adjusted to help pick your dog’s feet up off the ground. We would be happy to help you make a few adjustments, please send photos to our wheelchair experts at or give us a call at 888-253-0777 we would be happy to set up a Facetime call with you to make sure your shepherd’s wheelchair is perfectly adjusted.

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