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Merlin the Duck Spreads Mobility Awareness

Merlin the duck, the first ever duck in a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair story has gone viral! Merlin’s story has spread across the United States and Internationally, giving hope to many other mobility-challenged ducks.

Merlin’s Original Owner Found

Duck Wheelchair

Rebecca Hurst of Pennsylvania was amazed when she opened a text from her friend, “I think I found your duck!”. Attached was a link to the viral story of rescue duck Merlin, rescued by the Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey. Merlin suffered from a leg deformity and struggled with his mobility until Walkin’ Pets by built Merlin a custom Walkin’ Wheels Duck Wheelchair.

Rebecca rescued Merlin from a family in Pennsylvania who found him in their back yard. Rebecca brought Merlin into her apartment and cared for him for two months. Knowing that Merlin couldn’t stay in her apartment forever, and he needed more care than she could give him, Rebecca started to search for Merlin’s new forever home. Final deciding that the perfect place for Merlin was with the Goats of Anarchy.

Even though Rebecca knew the volunteers at Goats of Anarchy would provide the best care for Merlin, she still worried whether her decision was the right one. Rebecca never stopped thinking about her duck, Merlin. After seeing his story online, she was thrilled to see him again and amazed that he’s walking on his own with the help of his new wheelchair. Rebecca now knows that she absolutely made the right decision to bring him to the Goats of Anarchy.

As Merlin’s story has spread across the US and Internationally, he’s been able give hope to other mobility-challenged ducks. Including several ducks who have made the trip to visit Walkin’ Pets to get fitted for their own duck wheelchair.

Meet Hope

Duck Hope and Owner Aimee

Hope is a two-year-old Pekin duck from Buxton, ME. Like Merlin, Hope suffered from limited mobility due to a lower leg deformity. Before being rescued by the Phinney Farm Animal Sanctuary, Hope was badly abused by her flock. Unable to defend herself her flock attacked her so that she wouldn’t attract predators. The Phinney family saved the badly injured duck and brought her into their home. Over time, the Phinney’s earned Hope’s trust as they nursed her back to health. She was soon an integral part of their family.

When Amiee Phinney and her family saw Merlin’s story on TV, they knew that the Walkin’ Pets Duck wheelchair is exactly what Hope needed to get around. The two-hour drive from Maine to New Hampshire was worth it. Hope took to her new wheels right away, running around and flapping her feet with joy. Now with her improved mobility, Hope can now live out her dream of being a therapy duck. Soon Hope will make a long-awaited visit with the children at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine.

Beatrice the Peking Duck WheelchairMeet Beatrice

Beatrice is a 10-month-old Pekin Duck from Canterbury, NH. When Beatrice was born, she got around like any other duck. As she started to grow her owner, Jill noticed her leg joints began to swell. She was diagnosed with an unknown Neurological disorder that affects her legs, and her mobility. As soon as she got her new wheels, her entire demeanor changed! Able to move freely, Beatrice is like a new duck! She can’t wait to show off her new wheels to the other ducks who used to pick on her.

Meet Q

Muscovy Duck WheelchairQ is a Muscovy Duck from Tampa, Florida had the longest journey for her new wheels. Q and her family made the long drive from Florida to New Hampshire for the chance to get him walking again. When Q was two months old, he fractured his pelvis and his vertebrae in a blunt force trauma. Although not paralyzed, Q’s left leg was left locked up and he is unable to move or bend his leg.  Q was rescued by Tamara Hein, and he now lives in the Hein home along with Tamara and her husband Bob, Gabbs (another Muscovy) and the family dog. Q’s owners are hoping that her new wheelchair will help him to straighten his body over time and eventually rehabilitate his bad leg.

Merlin has help to bring awareness to all disabled, senior and handicapped animals. All disabled pets are family, and all pets deserve to stay safe, happy, and always on the go.

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  1. I just adopted a pekin male who seems to have some leg issues. He is fully grown and in need of some assistance with mobility. How do I go about purchasing one and how much is one of these?

    • -Hi Christine, our duck wheelchairs are specially made to fit each duck. Please call our Customer Care team at 888-253-0777, we’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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