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Some exclusions apply. Free shipping on orders over $49 will be automatically applied at checkout for delivery within the continental US only. International shipping rates and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico will be calculated based on order’s size, weight, and final destination. Oversized and drop ship products such as: Refurbished products are not included. Has a New Name has changed its name to Walkin’ Pets by Re-branding the company with the “Walkin’ Pets” umbrella underscores the fact that the company doesn’t only serve disabled animals. It also serves aging pets, as well as pets suffering from temporary injuries.

One-Stop Pet Product Shopping

Mark C. Robinson founded the online pet product company in 2001 and named it He wanted to build a company for pet owners who cared for disabled animals. And where they could do easy, one-stop online shopping.

Mark listened to the community of pet caretakers that had formed on the forum. As a result, he knew a dog wheelchair was needed to help more dogs. There were a few carts being sold at the time, but they were expensive. They also couldn’t be adjusted and took weeks to custom-build.

Mark decided to invent a dog wheelchair! He wanted it to be adjustable to fit lots of dogs, not just one. He also wanted it to be easy to use and affordable.

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Is Launched

wheelchair-for-dogsThe Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair was launched in 2008. Consequently, Mark’s invention gave pet owners an affordable mobility solution. It could be purchased off the shelf, making it ready to ship as well.

Walkin’ Wheels provided an alternative to euthanizing a pet who might need help walking, but was otherwise healthy. Pet owners could also eventually re-sell or donate the wheelchair to another dog.

The invention of the Walkin’ Wheels was revolutionary. It gave pets a way to live a longer, high quality life. And it gave their owners more quality time with them. Becomes Walkin’ Pets

The product line continued to expand over 16 years. It now serves not just disabled pets, but aging and injured pets too. Accordingly, the company now sells a wide array of harnesses, back braces, products for incontinence, ready-made splints, a No-Knuckling Training Sock, hip braces, bedding, and more.

Mark’s wider vision for the company is reflected in re-naming the company to Walkin’ Pets by He says,

“I’m excited that we’re now serving a wider population of pet caretakers. Our mission is that pets are family and deserve to live happy, healthy lives. I’m thrilled to help pet caretakers make that a reality in their lives.”

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