Solutions for Helping Your Handicapable Pet

Lift-n-Step Harness Potty Break

When your best friend is down and struggling, you want to do everything you can to improve their quality of life and see them smile again. Here are a few helpful tips to get your pet moving and feeling good.

Getting Your Pet Mobile

Nothing is more important than getting your pet back on their feet. Not only do the benefit from the exercise, but it lifts their spirits. Nothing is better than seeing your pup smile again! The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is designed to give your dog back their freedom and helps get them outside for potty breaks, lets them run, play and enjoy life again!

The benefits of a dog wheelchair are endless. They provide:

  • Much-needed exerciseAustralian Shepherd Mobility Solution
  •  Increased muscle tone
  •  Decreased muscle loss
  •  Improved mental health
  •  Improved circulation and respiratory health
  • Adjusts to your pet’s changing health needs, a front attachment can be added at any time!
  • Perfect addition to your pet’s rehab therapy
  • Be together: play fetch, run, hike, and adventure with the whole family!

Improve Pet Mobility When Not Using a Wheelchair

Improving Your Pet’s Mobility Inside

Dog Mobility ScooterA wheelchair is a great solution for keeping your pet active, but it’s not always the best solution for indoors. Maneuvering indoor obstacles, around furniture, through tight spaces, and around tight corners can be challenging when in a wheelchair.

The Walkin’ Scooter is a great alternative for the dog wheelchair. It easily glides across flooring and is easy for your pet to maneuver. With its special, roller ball casters your pet can move easily in any direction. Allowing your pet to move freely and even rest when they want to.

Avoid Decubitus Ulcers

Hip Brace for Small DogDogs struggling with mobility loss tend to be less active and spend a lot of time laying down. Senior pets also have a harder time gently lowering themselves to the ground, often this leads to the dropping to the ground suddenly. Over time, constant impact on a bony joint like the hip bone can cause discomfort and lead to decubital ulcers.

These pressure sores hurt and are difficult to treat. The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ and Donut attachment are designed to create a cushioned barrier between your dog’s hip joint and the hard floor. Not only is your dog more comfortable, but the joint is protected from further damage. The Donut can be used to treat existing pressure sores or prevent them from forming.

Quick Potty Trips

Up-n-Go Rear Support for large dogWhether it’s the middle of the night or you just got your dog out of their wheelchair, sometimes you need to get your dog outside in a hurry. Luckily a quick, easy solution is available to help you get your dog outside quickly for those emergency bathroom trips.

The Up-n-Go Rear Support Leash slips easily up your dog’s legs, allowing you to support their rear end as they get up and get them outside in seconds. It’s simple to use and fits dogs 20 – 150 lbs.

Lift-n-Step HarnessGiving Your Pet a Boost

With arthritic joints or weakened strength in their legs, your pet may struggle going up stairs, jumping into the car, or needs a little extra support getting around. A lifting harness like the Lift-n-Step harness offers support in both the front and rear of your pet. And is a great solution for those everyday activities that your pet needs a little extra help with.



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