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Grooming Senior & Special Needs Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and this includes older dogs and those with special needs. They may be suffering from various health conditions, in a weakened state due to old age, or a 3-legged fur ball that needs an extra bit of TLC. Not only can these conditions affect your pet’s day to day life, they may impact their regular grooming needs.

These extraordinary dogs need a little extra love and care.

Medium Dog Wheelchair BathProviding Comfort in a Familiar Environment

Special needs or senior dogs may be more anxious than others, its best to keep them in a familiar environment. A mobile dog grooming salon may be the perfect solution. A mobile grooming service pulls up directly outside your home. Home visits reduce the physical and emotional stress that can occur during the car ride to a salon. There are no wait times, no more car sickness and your dog can receive the one-on-one care they require.

Grooming Needs for Senior Pets

Getting your special needs or senior dog groomed regularly is vital, it’s no less important than regular exercise and nutrition.

Brushing Your DogBrush Long Dog Hair

Some dog owners are nervous to brush their dogs thinking it might cause them pain. Serious matting occurs when you don’t regularly brush your dogs. Matting can wrap around a dog’s legs, ears, tails and removing them in a kind and painless way should be handled by a professional dog groomer.

Removing Matted Fur

Professional dog groomers have the equipment and the necessary experience to attend to these cases, so please do not attempt to remove these mats yourself as it could cause your dog unnecessary pain and discomfort. Please make sure you regularly brush them and keep up with their regular appointments. It’s possible that due to old age/sickness or disability your dog might find it challenging to stand for lengthy periods. Try gently brushing them when they are having their afternoon nap. If your dog is showing signs of restlessness, stop, take a break and then gently start brushing them again when you have the opportunity.

Golden Retriever Professional GroomingSchedule Regular Grooming

A regular grooming session is also the best time to note any changes in your dog’s health. You may be surprised how many professional groomers have noticed lumps or growths on a dog they groom regularly. Most dog groomers will be able to notice any underlying health issues through the state of your dog’s skin and coat.

Sanitary GroomingSmall Dog Bath

Sanitary Areas: Dogs often independently clean their glands and groin areas. However, with special needs dogs they might have difficulty keeping these areas clean, due to arthritis or stiffness. Trimming the excess hair around these hygiene regions will help avoid any issues with urine or feces matter.

Older dogs and special needs dogs often truly appreciate regular grooming sessions. A good bath will help to relive some itchy spots that they can no longer reach. And they will always lovingly welcome the extra attention.

There is nothing more rewarding than making your senior or special needs pal’s life the best they can be. After all, doesn’t your best friend deserve the best?

Thank you to guest blogger Ran Rodrigo of Blue Wheelers for his guest submission.

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  1. We have put a lot of things off due to a death in the family. I need help getting my 80 lb Golden trimed. Pearl has Arthritis in back legs.

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