Get Your Licks on Route 66 Pet Adoption Tour

FIDO Friendly is sponsoring its 8th annual pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®. The Route 66 Tour moves across the country to events planned at 15 different shelters, rescues, and Humane Societies to raise awareness about pet adoption.

Pit Stops

Emmy Award Winning TV host of the weekly CBS series Lucky DogBrandon McMillan, is the spokesperson for the Route 66 Tour. The Tour started on Sept. 9 at Riverside Animal Services in California and ends on Oct. 16 in Kansas at the Great Plains SPCA.

Raising Awareness

spinning hweel prizesAt each event along the Route 66 Tour, event-goers learn about the need for and benefits of pet adoption. Shelter and rescue workers are there to talk about pets in need of homes and the difference people can make in an animal’s life.

Each event includes a giant spinning wheel, filled with pet-oriented prizes. A donation allows event-goers a to take a spin and win a prize. At the end of the day, all proceeds go to the local pet organization that is being featured.

Walkin’ Pets is one of the Spinning Wheel Sponsors. Walkin’ Wheels dog wind-up toys are one of the many prizes that can be won with a spin of the wheel.


Best of all, event-goers meet local pets in need of forever homes. Thousands of pets have found homes on previous Route 66 Tours.

We look forward to hearing about how many lovable pets find good homes and families on this year’s Tour!

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