French Bulldog Has Great Spirit

This 9-year-old French Bulldog named Brody doesn’t let life get him down. He loves to play, and intervertebral disc disease was not going to sop him! chose Brody as this week’s Featured Pet. You can read more about him here.

Brody isn’t along. Mobility loss in French Bulldogs is incredibly common. IVVD, back problems, and other mobility conditions like degenerative myelopathy are becoming increasingly common among frenchies. Luckily, supportive devices like dog mobility carts and back braces can help keep French Bulldogs on the move.

You can also follow Brody on Instagram @charlottesaurus features a pet on its homepage every week. We love to share stories about how pets (and their owners!) won’t let obstacles stand in the way of enjoying life and making the most of every day. If you want your pet to be considered to be a Featured Pet, you can download a photo and submit a brief bio about your pet here.

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