How Have Dog Wheelchairs Changed How People Care for Pets?


There was a time when a dog with mobility challenges would be put down, no questions asked. Happily, those times are behind us! The dog wheelchair has vastly altered the terrain for aging or disabled dogs – both literally and figuratively.

Aging Pets Slow Down

senior-dogAs dogs age, they frequently slow down, just like elderly humans often do. This might mean that they don’t have as much pep in their step when going on walks, or that they need a little extra time getting outside to do their business when they’re in the house. It might mean that they need a little assistance going up or down stairs or in or out of the car.

But at what point do pet owners say, “It’s time” — the dreaded words that no pet owner wants to utter, or wants to hear from their veterinarian? The answer is, that point can come much later in the game now.

With the advent of dog wheelchairs, that “time” can stretch weeks, months, or years into the future. A pet’s loss of mobility, is no longer an end of life decision. Euthanasia is no longer the only option. The dog wheelchair gives pet parents a solution to extend their pet’s life and keep their pet around longer. A set of wheels can enable a dog to do all the things it normally does, extending time by enabling a high quality of life and giving dogs a sense of freedom and independence.

Injured or Disabled: A Dog Wheelchair Extends Life

dog-wheelchairs-instead-of-euthanasiaBefore the dawn of dog wheelchairs, the owner of a dog born with a crippling condition or a dog seriously injured had few options other than euthanizing the dog. But a dog wheelchair is like throwing out a life raft to a drowning person – it is truly lifesaving.

A dog wheelchair allows dogs born with a congenital disability or who contract a disease like degenerative myelopathy (DM) or intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) to live vibrant lives – to enjoy life despite their mobility challenges. Dog wheelchairs extend the time you have with your best friend, allowing you to stay active and enjoy every minute you have left.

Watch the video below to see a German Shepherd Dog with DM still enjoying life.

For puppies born with congenital conditions, an adjustable Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair can “grow” with the dog; four wheelchair frame sizes accommodate pets weighing between 2 and 180 pounds!

What’s Involved for Pet Owners?

dog-wheelchairs-around-globeFor pet owners looking for an alternative to euthanasia that maintains their furry family members quality of life, dog wheelchairs can be a godsend.

However, it does require a commitment to give the dog some extra care. The only difference between a “healthy dog” and a wheelie dog is that your paralyzed dog may need a little more help from you. The dog must be put in and out of the wheelchair for walks, hikes, and outings, and not left in the wheelchair for long periods of unsupervised time.

Thousands of pet owners worldwide are willing to make those lifestyle modifications if it means spending more quality time with their pets. Dogs generally adapt quickly to using wheels for mobility, although some can take several weeks to get the hang of it. After pet owners have used the dog wheelchairs for a while, it becomes second nature to pop their dogs in and out of the carts.

The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair is Easy to Use!

Our Pets are Family Members

Our pets are family members and there is nothing we won’t do for our family. At one time a dog wheelchair might have seemed “extraordinary care”, but not anymore. Dog wheelchairs and other mobility devices are extending dog’s lives and have become a normal part of veterinary care. Now there are even ski attachments for dog wheelchairs so dogs can play in the snow, and special wheels to allow dogs to run on the beach and at the water’s edge. Dog wheelchairs give pet owners the ability to give their canine family members happy, healthy lives – for a whole lot longer!

dog-wheelchairs-on-beach   dog-wheelchair-in-snow

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