Keep Your Small Pet Moving All Winter Long

New Walkin’ Wheels Skis for Mini and Small Dog Wheelchairs

Mini skis for Walkin' Wheels wheelchair

Winter is almost here! Time to swap your pet’s wheels for skis! And keep your disabled pup active all winter long!

Walkin’ Pets is proud to announce the launch of the brand new ski attachment for Small and Mini Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs.

Now not even snow can keep your pet from joining in on the winter fun!

Skis for All Size Dog Wheelchairs

Now toy and small breed dogs can join the big dogs on snow adventures with Skis for every size Walkin’ Wheels! Skis attachments are available for pets from 2 to 180 lbs!

Selecting the Right Size for Your Pet:

Disabled dogs enjoy the winter on skis

Choosing the correct size ski for your pet is simple. The size of your ski is based off of the size of your current wheelchair. You will need two additional measurements along with your wheelchair frame size:

  1. Measure the strut on your dog’s wheelchair from end to end.
  2. Measure the diameter of your Walkin’ Wheels rear wheel
  3. Order you dog some new skis!
  4. Enjoy fun in the snow all winter long!

Need help getting the right size skis? Call our Wheelchair Experts at 888-253-0777.

Watch to see dogs in skis!

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