Dog Safety Belts Save Lives!

Many people do not realize that vehicle safety includes buckling up the family dog. Now that summer is here, many people take to the road, including the family pet. The Walkin Front Safety Harness is a dog safety belt that can protect both the dog and other passengers in a car or truck.


Dogs can be a big distraction to the driver. That is a serious safety issue to both pets and people in the vehicle! A dog safety belt prevents a dog from becoming a distraction by keeping the family pet safely and securely in its seat. It also prevents the dog from being thrown around the car or through vehicle windows if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop or is in an accident.

Avoid Injury!


Gracie is a young Yorkie who was featured as a “Pet of the Week” earlier this year. She lost the use of her legs because she was thrown through a car window in an accident. Fortunately, the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair allows her to have her mobility back, but Gracie’s injuries could have been avoided if she had been properly restrained in the car. (Read more of her story here:




Prevent accidents by keeping your pet safe and secure! The Walkin’ Front Safety Harness comes in three adjustable sizes. It slips through the vehicle’s seat belt to safely and comfortably hold the dog onto the seat. It also doubles as a walking harness when out of the vehicle.


For more information about the Walkin’ Front Safety Harness, go here.

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Watch a short video of how easy it is to use the Walkin’ Front Safety Harness:

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