Dog Harness Gives Pets a Needed Lift

full support harness for senior dog a German Shepard model at the pond

The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness helps pet parents give their aging, injured, or disabled dogs that extra lift!

Many pet owners need to help their dogs up or down stairs, in and out of vehicles, and with their daily routines. The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness supports positive pet aging by making life easier for dogs and their owners. The dog harness can also be easily clipped into the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, which is an added bonus, providing a continuum of care. This compatibility feature with the Walkin’ Wheels makes the transition to a dog wheelchair easier, if that becomes necessary, because the dog will already be used to being helped with the harness. The adjustable harness handles were strategically designed to help protect the pet caretaker’s own back from undue stress.

“Having spent years in the dog wheelchair business, I wanted a product that would give dogs balanced, full body support without creating hotspots or pressure points. The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness is a product that’s very comfortable and safe for dogs and works equally well for pet owners.”

Mark C. Robinson, Founder & CEO of Walkin’ Pets

Customize the Level of Support

The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness may be purchased separately for either the rear or front end of the dog, or together for full body support. Allowing you to customize the level of support to match your dog’s changing mobility needs.

Combo Front Harness

Front harness to lift large dog

The Front Combo Harness provides support to a dog’s front legs. The harness features a rugged top handle to help lift and guide your dog as they need it. This is perfect for pets who stumble, lose their balance, or need to be lifting by their front end.

Combo Rear Harness

Rear support harness for back legs for dogs on stairs

The Rear Combo Harness support the back legs of a pet. The rear harness features a “leg ring style” support underneath your dog’s hind end. Place your pet’s back legs through each loop of the leg ring, lift the harness up their legs, to attach over its lower back.

The Combo Rear Harness features two handles to lift your dog’s back legs. The harness is durable enough to lift large, heavy pets safely. Perfect for helping dogs up the stairs or outside.

Full Body Harness – Front & Rear Support

Black German Shepherd with degenerative myelopathy walks with owners help

Many mobility conditions in dogs worsen as the disease progresses. For large dogs living with a degenerative disease such as DM, that means they will need balanced support in all four legs.

The full support combo harness allow you to safely lift your dog’s front and hind ends simultaneously. This harness also allows you to stabilize your pet and help them maintain their balance as they walk.

Dog Wheelchair Compatible Harness

Rear Dog Wheelchair Harness

Rear dog wheelchair harness for Walkin' Wheels

Both the rear and front combo harness can be worn with a rear wheelchair for hind leg support. Each harness can be worn by itself or at the same time.

To ensure rear wheelchair compatibility :

  • The Front Harness will need D-Ring clips
  • The Rear Harness will need rear harness clips

Quad Wheelchair Harness

Puppy uses full support combo

The Combo Harness can easily convert to fit the Walkin’ Wheels Quad wheelchair. This is ideal for pets experiencing leg weakness in the front and hind legs that use a full support wheelchair to improve their mobility.

Quad Wheelchair clips needed:

  • The Front Harness will need quad clips (harness clips)
  • The Rear Harness will need rear harness clips

The Combo Front harness can be purchased with or without wheelchair clips. Select the right style clip to fit either the rear or quad cart. Dogs who convert their rear wheelchair into a quad cart will need to replace the clips on their front harness.

The Combo Harness Makes Life Easier

“We just got our German Shepherd, Gabbi, the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness. I love this harness! It’s so much easier to carry her around when she’s not in her chair, and it gives her extra support as well.”

Large black German Shepherd dog harness
Full body lifting harness for dog buy now

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