Dog Diapers an Easy Solution to Accidents and Incontinence

If your pet is incontinent, leaks, or is having too many accidents, disposable dog diapers might be the answer.

What to Do?

peepersmAging, injured, or disabled dogs often have incontinence issues. When a dog leaks, or has frequent accidents, it can become an impediment to the usual life it has shared in the family home.

Sometimes, owners even contemplate euthanizing the pet, because they do not know how to handle the problem any other way.

Easy Solution!

Disposable dog diapers can address these problems quite easily! Mr. Peepers disposable diapers are designed and shaped specifically for pets.

Mr. Peepers disposable diapers have adjustable fasteners that won’t pull hair. Elastic gathers around the legs protect against leakage.

Each case contains 120 diapers. Diapers are available in size XXLarge to fit dogs as large as 75 pounds.

Size Weight Price Per Pacage Price Per Case
XXLarge 46 – 75 lbs $17.95 $53.85

Free to Roammr-peepers-dog-diapers

When a pet owner doesn’t have to worry about accidents or leakage, the dog is free to move about the home as usual. Dogs who have been used to sharing a bed or snoozing on couches can continue to do so. And fur and floors stay dry!

Disposable diapers are such an easy way to help a dog keep its dignity and maintain its involvement in the family home. There are answers to incontinence problems, so pet owners should be sure to check out all available options before despairing!

Help is on hand for beloved furry family members — to keep them dry and their caretakers happy.

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